Writing – the mother of all skill

It is with much enthusiasm that I have been desirous to pen my ideas, thoughts and experiences over the years. But I have proved to be of such a lazy character that best be described by my endless procrastinations.

The universe of knowledge is infinite in size. Thus discussing it is not at all likely to exhaust the muses that accompany its existence.

I endeavor to share and discuss knowledge from a wide spectrum of backgrounds ranging from different philosophies, cultures, societies, religions and mythologies with an objective purpose in mind.

One of the beauty of being a writer is that one gets to meet many other like-minded individuals in the world, while at the same time meeting men and women of sharp and criticizing intellect. Such should not discourage any writer who has a deep understanding of their purpose but should just serve to enlighten them further. Sure, iron sharpens iron.

Writing is an interesting skill because the same words spoken could have very different meanings to different people. Socrates once observed that words can be used to reveal or conceal a given meaning. So, while authorship could be an easy task, the real weight-lifting is left to the reader thanks to his/her mental abilities.

Loffi Ruskins