Man shall not live on bread alone

Sometimes we happen to go through bizarre experiences that strike a common chord with wise men of the past. In the recent past I have had occasioned heated discussions with my immediate bosses at work. I work in an insurance firm as an actuary. Eager to seek for answers from my superiors as to why I can’t seem to get better terms of employment from a company that is raking billions of profits every year and benefiting immensely from the labors of my slaving in the company, I just couldn’t seem to find a way out. Hence the reason why I made up my mind to start a new career as a writer.

It is usually easy to relate circumstances with the men of superior intellect of the distant past because it is the same Earth we live in now that they once passed through as well, and it is the exact same kind of people they related with that we relate with today. After all, people never change.

When Jesus taught of the parable mentioned above, it was out of his deepest experiences that he had come to understand how much men are inclined toward material gains as a quick and easy substitute for spiritual gains. He was of the realization that he would have succeeded much if he’d chosen to follow any other path of success like being a good submissive employee, being a great husband or even serving in the government.

Such men, through their enlightened nature and by the virtue of their understanding of the human conditions and shortcoming are usually wont to succeed in any endeavor they set their minds upon. While Jesus is not the only example, many other exist both in the East and the West lore.

There must be a higher and unique purpose to serve for everybody in this world, judging from Jesus’ teaching above.

Many a leader in the corporate world have risen to their respective stations as a result of their academic and corporate-political influences. This can be an explanation for my observations during my current work in a corporate organization. One can be wise, innovative and endowed with organizational skills but fail to succeed in an organization not because he or she fall short of the qualities most required to steer the organization in the right direction, but because the men and women who head these organizations are delusional people who only create perspectives based on their own selfishness, bias and confusion.

Therefore it would be prudent to remark that its only a wise person that can recognize and reward wisdom. In all probability Jesus and other Teachers of his times, and before, especially in Greece and other areas, most teachers of wisdom preferred to used symbolism to confer meaning to words and ideas. Jesus symbolizes his experience about the world using his interview with the devil who had promised him every kind of worldly possessions in the event that he forsook his intention for teaching enlightenment to the world. This is an experience that many people go through, I think, due to the unteachable state of mind of a people, which ostensibly explains why many men of Knowledge, in the past, chose the tougher path of going eternally silent for the lack of the desire to impart the same knowledge on other beings after knowing what kind of effort that requires. 

By Loffi Ruskins

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