Manley P. Hall on democracy

It is with much admiration that I observe the thoughts of Manley Hall on the subject above. He strives to explain the sad situation of mankind with a keen eye on history and the developments arising forthwith.

He seeks to elucidate how the loss of a spiritual perspective led to an increased demoralisation and immature democracy where people become become more wanting in terms of humanly virtues and escalated focus on material needs – wants that are only secondary to the ‘real’ needs for a satisfactory life here on Earth.

In the modern world states real mental excellence and wisdom has been replaced with degrees and entitlements based on favor instead of merit and outstanding insight. 

He further explores on how in early Europe the Dionysians became guilds that influenced the civilization of those times, and how all sciences contained of brilliantly far-seeing men who had a desire to make contribution to the enlightened empires of the future. The wise men of that age had a burning desire on how the world would turn out to be in future times, hence the reason why they worked so hard behind the scenes to create lasting impact in laying the groundworks for the futures generation’s developments. 

Manley P. Hall goes further to categorically state that wisdom is the universal cure for ignorance which happens to be the irresistible universal disease. This follows from his respect for alchemy as the process through which mankind can acquire the gold-spiritual state of nature.

The Order of the Quest

This is an order that contained all these subsets of wise people seeking to embrace and influence changed based on some of the teachings of Plato. These were men and women totally devoted to developing knowledge for the benefit of all mankind regardless of race or station. They were men whose mysticism 100% dedicated to create solutions for the most important human needs.

For thousands of years there have been secret societies (and will always be) devoted to awakening humanity to its responsibility to the dignity of learning that leads to an enlightened democracy.

Philosopher More keenly considered it a tragedy that people had reduced every branch of learning into mundane activities except statesmanship wherefore it has abandoned to the procurement of unwise politicians that are only best skilled in the practices of plundering and ignorant leadership.

By Loffi Ruskin’s