The Art of Blogging

It is true that writing isn’t an easy thing. To pen an idea in correct context, with the a matching language makes writing evermore complex. Its possible to have a great meditation but communicating it via writing is one of the hardest endeavors that am sure any author can attest to.

Blogs is one of the most exquisite tools for learning invention of the modern world because men and women from any part of the world can vividly pen their knowledge which then becomes accessible to any other person across the globe as long as they have access to the Internet. Luckily the cost of access to the internet has dramatically reduced. This is I can profess now that am somewhere at the heart of Africa and I have learnt a lot from bloggers myself.

Nevertheless it takes genuine curiosity to be able to learn from someone else since information world is filled with much info junk and it thus becomes an increasingly challenging task to be able to separate the ‘signal’ from the ‘noise’. This is so because there are many who are out to exploit others out there, whose ambition is to convert seekers of the particular knowledge into money. However this doesn’t in any way overrule the existence of many men and women whose main purpose is exchange of knowledge as a passion, like I do. My writing is purely out of the lack of a better hobby. Until recently following some frustration with my work at the company where I work, where I got to see the impermanence of working tirelessly to please superiors and to drive a company ever forwards, I decided that its time I had a hobby, something that I can turn to and share with like-minded the experiences that come from a life lived with an observant eye and a keen ear.

For a year I had worked tirelessly in this multinational company in my country. I had created and implemented new ideas, had worked excellently on new projects that had made others (my bosses) tremble. But I was shocked to see how in some African companies leaders still toy with the elusive ideology of slavery. I mean a situation where one proves their abilities beyond reasonable doubt yet still fail to clinch on tangible employment terms, with a nickel as a monthly salary. This gave me the sudden wake of a sleeping elephant that sees a lion in its dream. Long before that I had been toying with the idea of becoming a writer but the thoughts that I lacked the best language skills impeded my to-be efforts. That was the most ridiculous thing I ever experienced in my life because with time I have come to see that there are in fact very few people who are exceptionally good at any particular language.

Blogging is more of an art than a science because there is no conventional way in which this kind of writing should be done. Unlike authoring of books where endless bibliographies have to be given besides other methodologies in order for a publisher to accept to give an offer, blogging purely depends on innovativess and defies all ideologies. This is so because, in my opinion, blogging mainly focuses on what one has to offer to the reader. I have read many myths about blogging that lay out numerous factors for the success of a potential blog but most of them are largely debunkable. 

As more and more time passes blogs will become the new platforms for informal learning as opposed to social media where all mediocrity is crowded and lack real resourcefulness for a person who seeks personalized wisdom, where people are too busy parroting and politicking about different useless subjects. I see social media as a platform that rides on the illusion of the ego that is evermore inflated in people.

Long live the art.

By Loffi Ruskins