The Buddhas of the Future

This is particularly not an article about Buddhism. It is an exploration of the fact that most of the teachings of the past from various traditions mention the coming of guys who shall be able to understand and thoroughly see the spiritual struggles of men/women from an angle that is not of an ordinary nature.

Buddhism is one of the traditions that is bears most elucidation concerning this kind of soteriology. This can be deduced from a many works of done by men and women of selfless effort, whose visions seek to shed immense light on topics of such interest. But one major aspect worth careful noting is that whenever skilled scholars go deeper and deeper into any subject of study sometimes their conclusions and finding, however intelligible they might appear to be, get clouded by the imagination of the times during which they themselves, and by the delusions of their minds as well. But this does not discredit the accuracy of their prediction in any way but strengthens the validity of their argument.

The Buddhist doctrines are awash with the appearance of a teacher that would succeed the Buddha Shakyamuni, who was one of the greatest men of wisdom to have walked on this Earth some 2,500 years ago and whose teaching enlightened thousands of disciples whose time for inner flowering coincided with his appearance in the world. The Buddha himself foresaw periods when the teachings towards Truth would decline, become corrupted (by the pundits) and eventually decline completely from the face of the Earth. This would be a time when people would become far-removed from deliverance (from spiritual sleep) for the consequent lack of the abilities to understand. It’s in the same spirit that he prophesied of future world teachers one of them being the Tathagata Maitreya. 

This guy’s arrival has been mentioned across different types of religions and writings I wonder what he would be like. Buddhism gives the best accurate detail about his encounters and would-be accomplishments in the times of his existence. He would be a Teacher of a very different character considering the times of his appearance, especially now that the world has advanced so much in all areas of life – from trade to religion, to improvements in personal life. 

The Buddhist, Hindu and many other traditions pay keen attention to the appearance of woeful character because there was a forecast about the diminish in the purity of the aforementioned traditions, in that order respectively. But how would such a character fit in the modern world, considering people have attained to certain high levels of ignorance where they are not capable of understanding complex and multivariate sorts of reasoning and reasoning. Not many individuals are blessed with the talent of having analytical skills in order to be able to demystify complex phenomena, which is one of the qualities required in order to live a life of total fulfilment.

But I wonder how or when this can work out, if all factors are held constantly. The world has advanced materially but has degraded spiritually in almost equal measure. Material nature has become the only thing human eyes can reckon. If one can meditate on this matter carefully it’s easy to see that no single prediction has not come to pass. People are now more selfish than ever before. If a Buddha was to walk down the streets with his begging bowl he would be laughed to death. Imbeciles would mock him thoughtlessly, he would not dare open his mouth to teach such imbeciles a thing or two concerning their woeful state of decay in morals and virtue.

By Loffi Ruskins