​Chronology of the buddhas

Every long period of time (kalpa) is punctuated by appearance, in the world, of a Buddha. The previous Buddha was Shakyamuni. I shall tell much about him in the entirety of my teaching career, which I officially embark upon now, because my spiritual experience is indirectly correlated to his. I encountered my first illumination when I was 21 years old (approximately 7 years ago). I wasn’t as lucky as to find the guidance of a self-realized master, especially considering I am from Africa where even the word Enlightenment has never been heard of.
But I figure there has to be an inner reason as to why I had to take this my last birth here in Nairobi Kenya which is at the heart of the Africa continent. It also appalls as to why the gods conspired that I be born black (which is a strategic camouflage) in addition to being born in the gutters, in abject poverty.

If buddhas are to be likened to a family of mountains then I would still see Shakyamuni as the tallest amongst them all. While we purpose to appear in this world during different times, nothing much changes in the mind composition of the people on Earth. What differentiates our appearance and teachings in the state of the advancement of the current civilization which calls for different approaches from different buddhas. One might wonder what authority I have to talk so coherently about the buddhas but the best explanation is that I have experienced and received their teachings first-hand in the past eons.

Now we are at the dawn of a new Age : The Aquarian Age. In the past many seekers have faced innumerable impediments in their quest to attain the Ultimate Awakening but now this new Age is supposed to come with entirely new promises for those who deserve and merit for this nature of experience of the ultimate enlightenment experience. 

By Philip Kamau