​The parable of Moses and the 10 commandments

History is rich with innumerable lessons about the behaviors and tendencies of men. Moses was a supremely educated man in the ways of the Egyptian ways of life. He gained much knowledge from the study of Egyptian and Greek thinkers of his times and through he mustered the illumination on the need to free the children of Israel from the tentacles of the Egyptian slave masters. He succeeded in this with much ease obviously because he understood the Egyptian geography and probably knew several influential people who would aid them in the escape from Egypt in search of a promised land.
Sooner or later they found themselves in the wilderness (mid-east) where many years passed as they sought a way out. Generations came and went. Children were born and grew to adults who keenly wondered why they had to escape from Egypt only to come to suffer endlessly in an unknown land. Considering they had been captive in Egypt for so many years they had naturally adopted various forms of worship from the Egyptian cultures and mythologies. They began to worship idols as it had always been done in Egypt.

Moses went deeper and deeper into meditative states in order to seek viable answers for this wicked situation that so afflicted his peoples and which he had direct knowledge to recognize as deviant. When he had received revelations as to how these children of Israel ought to lead their lives in order to cultivate good deeds that would lead to a promising spiritual future for them, he wrote these down on the tablets.

But he was so amazed when he came from the trance by the ways that his people had adopted to worship that he dropped the commandments. Throughout the stories about Moses, he occasionally expresses anger over the deviant behaviors of his peoples, the same people he risked his life in order to save from the brutal slavery that existed in Egypt at that time.

Funny enough this kind of situation has more or less happened to every race and culture whereby people deviate from the ways of life that promise purity to those that lead to spiritual regression.

In addition to that, Moses experience has occurred to all enlightened men who have sought to lead their people from the darkness into the light, an action which is always met with resistance and the downplaying on the importance of such.

By Philip Kamau

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