​Facts Are Stubborn Things – A Primer

It is true that we are all a minute representation of a greater scheme of things. Things as we perceive them are also a tiny sample of a greater and more magnificent reality of things past, present et al. 

The greatest enemy of men is their own ego. This is the long-lost concept that most religions and dogmas e.g. Christianity struggle to describe as the original sin or the inherent sin or the devil. All and sundry is born into the whims and desires of the ego.

Science is the modern man’s greatest friend for many reasons one of them being that it has adequately come to prove that the Earth planet has been here for millions of years and its beyond reasonable doubt it’s going to be here for even longer than that – probably infinitely. I remember the sort of downright ignorance I witnessed from the people around me here in Nairobi, Kenya since I was a young kid where people (both religious and pagans alike) seriously expected there to be a physical end of the world. It was so bad that some fools connived the idea that one should get born again (in the Christian sense of the word); and this I did! I was only twelve years old back then in the year 2000. 

When I grew into teenage-hood I started asking my father (who I never witnessed go to church any single day and was a chronic chain smoker) questions which he always avoided. On the other hand my mum was the perfectly religious woman (but who never understood any single logic in her religion). Unfortunately my dad died when I was still a teenager (14 years) and he left me with many unanswered question and this left me so grieved for I believed it was the ultimate responsibility of a man to enlighten or guide his son spiritually having being on Earth much longer. Many (or all) children fall in the same predicament soon as they are born.

Science vs. Religion

I don’t see any duality in science and religion. Both are two sides of the same coin – the human mind. Science as we know it is, ostensibly, an offshoot of religion. Both originate from the nature of a people to want be curious about their surrounding and to discover the underlying laws of nature in order to enhance his own survival and comfort. A man who happily waits to go to heaven as soon as he dies is as unhappy as the man who believe that there is nothing that exists beyond the matter that makes up things. 

 We have progressed aggressively in this two schools of thought but none of them has significantly or extraordinarily improved the quality of our lives; but the quantity component has definitely improved immensely because for instance it is religion that defined and held together some of the greatest kingdoms that existed while science used in development of military weapons were crucial in the conquering of new and vast territories that would have otherwise have not been discovered that soon. And such is the source of all civilization. 

By Philip Kamau

Email: Philipkamau25@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +254 711814949

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