​The Aquarian Age – The Order of the Layman – Part 1

“Astronomically, about every 2,500 years our solar system comes into alignment with a constellation of the Zodiac. Until recently our solar system was aligned with Pisces. Now it is aligned with Aquarius. Hence we are in the Age of Aquarius” – LA Post Examiner

Now I shall explore indepth this new concept that I hereby propound. There is a new paradigm in the world and almost everyone is aware of this rare phenomenon. What I mean by this is that old systems are becoming obsolete and their emptiness or no-longer useful demeanor is becoming more and more observable by those who happen to be keen enough about how things have always worked. In this particular article I shall illumine on the need for there to be an Order of the Layman where men can seek enlightenment while sticking to their usual ways of life.

Ordinarily, in the past the Teachers of Wisdom used very stringent approaches to help in the awakening of their disciples. I strongly agree that that was the only way to impart the much desired Knowledge at the time. Two thousand and five hundred years ago the Buddha founded the Sangha. This was essentially a union of monks who studied under his (and his retinue of enlightened Bodhisattvas) instruction on the path towards the emancipation from Samsara (endless inner suffering). During this time and a few thousands before and after, this was the only effective ways to teach and awaken those desirous of attaining to the deathless state.

Back in the days the laymen and laywomen were few and the hope for their awakening was little save for heroes like Vimalkirti who was a supremely enlightened layman. Let us first meditate on the chief difference in the times back then and now.

Back in the days Buddhas (all four) and other supremely enlightened men and women had little access to resources as we do now. Traveling from one place to another was hectic, especially during the rainy weather. Moving from one continent to another was next to impossible. Communicating to people in distant places as it is the situation of the modern days was never heard of during those times. The differences are countless.

Enter the 21st Century

Now circumstances have changed so much so that information can move instantly from one corner of the Earth to the other. I think over the ages (hundreds of thousands of years) the most urgent need for humans at all places was effectiveness in communication and movement from one place to another. This can be proven by the fact that all races from different places in the Earth managed to develop very unique and disparate languages for communication. As soon as communication methods materialized men quickly developed religions as precursors for political government of both the inner and outer governance of the needs of the people.

Now civilization is at it’s crux where man cant can’t make any more progress externally – material progress. Almost everything that needed urgent invention has materialized on the physical planes. We have super-fast cars, planes, massive ships and yachts. People have also advanced in amassing of immense wealth; trade and commerce have evolved to the highest possible pinnacle. And yet with all these man remains as naked as he was before the days of Adam and Eve: Naked in terms of ignorance. Spiritually mankind hasn’t made much improvement. 

Hence or otherwise we have arrived in this world at a time when man’s thirst is at its brim, even though he might not be aware of this.

The Aquarian age is marked with Gold Chains where mankind has all the resources that can help him meditate but just can’t. Why is that so? A nuh mi dat!

By Philip Kamau

Email: Philipkamau25@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +254 711814949

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