​The Path of the Bodhisattva

Every enlightened individual has been a bodhisattva. This is the ultimate and only path to the awakened state characteristic of the spiritually awakened and the Arhats. The path is punctuated by at least ten stages. I have seen or heard many men and women whose current life hints on some level of advancement in the path in some pastimes. Surprisingly, an advancement in this path during  some pastimes does not necessarily mean automatic advancement towards supreme enlightenment in the future. This is an aspect that is meant to ensure any kind of complacency receives its due “reward” for every cause has an effect. It is also true that there is that stage in the path where enough merit gets accumulated in a way that insures the bodhisattva against any form of regression.

Sometimes bodhisattvas appear in the world briefly and make remarkable achievements that defy the ordinary rules of success, thanks to their level of accumulated merit.

One spectacular characteristic about the conversations of this nature is that they are limitless in quantity because there are millions of different ways of ‘seeing’ any spiritual phenomena. This has to be the simple reason as to why no single buddha or enlightened man has recorded anything substantial about their teaching. For more than half a decade now I have shadowboxed with the idea of publishing my works and teaching in order to guarantee the passing of the same to the future generations but I just found my hand too heavy to write even a single letter. 

The bodhisattva usually has very important roles to play in either realm of existence. Before he comes to the final fruition he must have engaged in teaching other sentient beings somewhere in their past and secret life. Such experience only adds to their spiritual acumen the development of which comes in handy in their later stages of awakening.

The career of Buddha as a bodhisattva was, for instance, spent learning under various previous buddhas who, upon seeing his prudence in the practicing of the dharma made a prediction concerning his future buddhahood.

By the way I can never claim to possess impeccable writing and authorship skills. I have seen many men and women who have more profoundly excellent authorship skills where their ideas and knowledge are likely to foment a gravitational pull unto any curious mind. But, unfortunately, this is the farthest they can take you. They immensely lack the ability to awaken anyone who seeks to, let alone themselves!

I can confidently profess that I don’t have the best writing and lingual skills in the world especially due to the fact that English is my third language and I only mastered its use late in life when I was in high school. But the cosmos hasn’t hesitated in recompensing me in other more profound ways. The world is just perfect as it is!


By Philip Kamau

Email: Philipkamau25@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “​The Path of the Bodhisattva

  1. Haha, I have a strong Buddhist background perhaps but the discernment and devotion to the Buddha’s Teaching was cultivated before. Thanks for the observation. The seed was sowed earlier that I thought.
    I have lived in East African, Nairobi Kenya, where I have never had the chance or opportunity to visit any Buddhist Temple. But all pure, Nirvana is everywhere.


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