​The Crux of the Doctrines of Materialism in the Modern World

It is just wise not to aspire for wealth and excellence in labor (work) for the sake of being rich only. It’s prudent, instead, to strive for unconditional (that which doesn’t depend on sense objects) happiness, to love and to get loved, and most importantly to attain peace-of-mind and the serenity that comes with it.
I am in no way advocating for poverty because my wisdom informs me that poverty is the mark of a lack of ability or the lack of ambition, and am sure you are not deficient in either of these superior qualities. This kind of insight is the middle path. If the right fire is burning inside oneself it eventually emerges and brings more revelations and happiness with the least effort to please others.

Thousands of years ago our forefathers lived, essentially, the same way we live today and in the same Earth as we do; but back in those days mankind was at least more religious (maybe due to his ignorance of the environment) than these days. Many prophecies were made concerning the evil ages to come (now the modern world) and the events that would mark the signs of these times. One most spectacular such developments is that mankind would become completely given to vile practices and the doctrines of materialism would conquer his mind for good.

The greatest benefit that has come with the current civilization is the power of productivity that has made multiplication of wealth a reality. This is the greatest miracle for the modern world inhabitants. But there are two types of growth: linear and non-linear. Creation of material wealth is linear while spiritual growth is non-linear form of growth which happens under entirely different and disparate conditions.

Anyone who focuses on one and abandons the other experiences some vast and empty void within them that haunts them forever. No matter how much one may try to appear happy and fulfilled in the periphery it still happens that the void remains unfilled which is the greatest source of misery among many a people. I once heard Bob Marley sing, “Gain the world and lose and lose your soul” but back then I was too young to understand what this innocent soul was talking about.

So what’s the panacea for true happiness and fulfillment? 

This is the hardest question that no one dares to ask because it calls for much responsibility on the part of the individual because happiness and true fulfillment isn’t a collective or societal achievement but an individual quest. The path to heaven is usually narrow so that the chances for groups to tread become minimal.

The most important of all is to walk the right path which is the middle path where a balance for everything is practiced. After all we lose all our material achievements when we die and get reborn with absolutely nothing except our souls. Even the most learned wise men avoid such topics because the worship of materialism and the abandon of the soul needs has become so prevalent that many people cannot separate the ying from the yang.

But, all pure, it’s mandatory that one realizes the benefits of living a life that is filled with pure awareness and balance.

By Philip Kamau

Email: Philipkamau25@gmail.com

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