​The Secrets of Star-Performance during Corporate Interviews

I attended an interview yesterday that opened my third eye in ways that I hadn’t anticipated. It inspired me so much that if I had the time and ability I would write a short book on this topic.
Basically excellence in interviews is mainly a psychological set up. If asked, anyone would love to be in total control during any interview. Owing to the much uncertainty for any interview that no one really knows beforehand what course the interview will veer, the interview needs to prepare adequately for the interaction beforehand. Much forbearance is needed in order to handle skillfully any deviations from the expectations of the interviewee.

In a world where things are moving so fast, it’s mandatory that we create mental armories that we can utilize in any interview to create the best impression. Interviews can be of varying natures. They could be online-based where you interact with someone who wants to know more about you or wants to learn something important from you. I shall propound the skills that need to be utilized for maximum positive effect.


The first thing when you meet your interviews should be to portray a demeanor of humility; the kind of humility that speaks volumes while still displaying some degree of innocence on your side. Many people confuse humility with passivity. Real humility arises from having an authentic self where you don’t have to struggle to impress other people. In order for humility to work best for you it’s important that you use your vulnerabilities (everyone has vulnerabilities, this is the beauty of nature) to entice your interview to be compassionate toward you. 

Exude Energy

A high energy vibration entices the others to vibrate at your own frequency thus presenting the opportunity to penetrate their thoughts and having a conversation that is more human and natural, drawing them away from their choreographed maneuvers. 

I remember during my interview which was about investments how I skillfully juggled different topics to identify which arouses the greatest interest among the three super-serious interviews. The moment I began to mention the investment strategies of Warren Buffet and Ben Graham I saw eyes widen and faces lighten with smiles with interest because I knew this was a company that’s hungry for investment income. This was followed by a hearty conversation about how my ideas can be used to bolster their investment strategy in order to scale up to the competition. I went home a happier man.

Soon as you identify the best rapport proceed to engage. This sets the ground for them to like and an opportunity to make your requests.

Something tangible

It’s just wise to carry some paperwork of an analysis of one your items of discussion because the human heart is usually easily won over by what the eyes can see physically. 


Last but not least, the single most important factor in any successful human interaction is the ability to maintain a meditative state of mind. This means that you need to visualize the entire interaction beforehand and maintain a certain level of watchfulness during the interview. This means watching yourself make speeches like an independent observer, bearing in mind that you need not get lost or attached to any specific point. That implies having a mind that moves fast!

Interviews scare the hell out of many people because they lack an understanding of what having awareness means and this makes them shy and inefficient to a point where they are not able to deliver the best results. 

By Philip Kamau

Email: Philipkamau25@gmail.com

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