The rise of social media and the fall of human consciousness

We are the luckiest generation to witness the dawn of this new Information Age where the flow of information has become much easier than earlier times and age. In this article I shall seek to analyze whether this new information revolution has really lead to the improvement of humanity’s collective awareness and quality of life.

There has been a lot of excitement among peoples since the spread and easy availability and access to social media for the past ten years. But this has only made people more ignorant and their human relations even more superficial. In a natural setting human relations best supposed to occur with an air of authenticity.

We the modern people have become so fooled by the camera and the pictures we share in these media plus the insubstantial conversations we hold on the same media so much so that we are entirely fooled by the sharp and reverse images of us looking back from a photographed image. As a result people have not hesitated to learn impressive methods of posing for the photos so that we appear to have an aura implies pure happiness and bliss. Also people, when they share updates and get endorsements (shares and likes) and creates a great following this only works to boost their ego as for them it implies that they are knowledgeable and wise.

Most people think that what they see in an image is a reflection of their true selves. But they are dead-wrong because in a photo you are only looking at the reverse reflection of your outside appearance and not your inner being which can only be reflected in pure consciousness. You cannot see your inner self in an image.

To see yourself in an image, you must open your eyes; to see your True Self within, you must close your eyes.

By Philip Kamau


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