Peculiar Source of Motivation for Writing

I watch and listen to music quite a lot I feel that I need to relax that way. Sometimes a movie or TV Show will do if it possesses a story-line that intrigues me. Now there exists this peculiar emptiness in all these things because essentially you begin to see the void behind the words and actions uttered in these dealings.
Little by little I begin to wonder by myself if these fools in TV can talk so much nonsense then it must be a good deed of me if I can just write and blog about ordinary ways of men but with a certain demeanour that would challenge and at the same time spark the dormant intelligence of the reader. The style of writing could be entirely deviant from the ordinary styles of many writers out these because I believe we have different callings. 

Most men and women who blog about this great subject are quite diplomatic because their morale to write is engineered by the subtle desire to satiate their ego, to get worshipped or to sell some item or service for some miserable dollars. I find being authentic to be the easiest way to live in harmony both with your self and with others because you don’t have to come up with lies every time you want to write about a particular awesome meditational experience. 

The junk stuff on the media this day is just intoxicating. That makes more important than ever for men and women of ability out these to make effort to create genuine content if we are to make good use of this information age where any one who continues to live in sleep it is by his choosing that he endeavours the suffering of his own soul. It is so because I believe everyone consciously chooses to follow the wrong path in a bid to satisfy their subtle and unconscious desires and age-old attachments.

By Philip Kamau


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