The Stories of Buddha and Bodhisattva Maitreya a.k.a Ajita

The Buddha said, “Maitreya, as you say, from the time of my attainment of bodhi to the time of my parinirvāṇa, what I have said in this interval is all true, never false. If there are fools who, failing to understand that the Tathāgata’s words are skillful tools, judge that ‘this Dharma is this way; this Dharma is not this way,’ they are maligning the true Dharma as well as Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. I say that they are headed for hell.

“Ajita, after my parinirvāṇa, if, in the world of the

five turbidities , among bhikṣus, bhikṣuṇīs , upāsakas, and upāsikās , there are those who are not Bodhisattvas but claim to be Bodhisattvas, they are actually non-Buddhists. Because they in their past lives had made offerings to Buddhas and made their resolve, they have been able to enter the Buddha’s Order, renouncing family life. Wherever they have gone, they have sought fame, benefits, and worship from their kinfolk and friends. They have unscrupulously engaged in impure activities and abandoned their faith. They have not restrained themselves from evil acts. They have not subjugated their greed for benefits and worship. As for all Dharma Doors and what will produce enduring samādhi, they have stayed far away from them and have had no knowledge of them. For the sake of their kinfolk, they have falsely claimed their knowledge and understanding. Standing in flattery and deception, their mouths have spoken contradictory words and their bodies have performed contradictory acts.

“Ajita, in my Bodhi Way all sentient beings are equal and embraced in my great compassion. While using skillful means, I never lose right mindfulness . Abiding peacefully in His unequaled power, the Tathāgata expounds the Dharma, hindrance free. Suppose there are sentient beings that say these words: ‘Bodhisattvas should not hear, study, or accept the sūtras the Buddha has pronounced for voice-hearers . These are not the true Dharma, nor the right path. Nor should Bodhisattvas study the Pratyekabuddha Dharma.’ Suppose they also say, ‘Voice-hearers should not hear or accept the Dharmas that Bodhisattvas practice. Nor should voice-hearers hear or accept the Pratyekabuddha Dharma.’ Suppose they also say, ‘Whatever Bodhisattvas have to say, voice-hearers and Pratyekabuddhas should not hear or accept.’ Their contradictory words and actions are not in accord with the sūtras. They are unable to believe and accept either the true Dharma of Liberation or words that are in accord with true reality . The followers of their ways cannot even be reborn in heaven, much less achieve liberation.

Adapted from the Vimalakirti Sutra Lion’s roar

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