The Philosophy of Social Media 

The social media is one of the most valuable innovation in to-day’s human-relations world. The benefits that have fomented from this one-step advance in our civilization are innumerable. Now people from all corners of the world can socialize in ways that our ancestors could never have dreamt about; though, at least, were wise enough to foresee an Aquarian Age where people’s void for a “different” experience lbecomes visible for many even though they might not be aware of that.

However, with all this advancement in technology and civilization, the individual (people) haven’t changed much in terms of the quality of how they experience other beings. Thus I have heard this is as a result of certain spiritual lack; that makes us humans operates within certain set limits  – a subconsciously autopilot-like way of living. The social media has the potential of making people duller with the delusion of the applause people receive from their “sleeping” followers. 

There is an overload of information in these platforms, enough to choke you to death if you are not an analyst witty enough to filter out the information that is not accompanied by an experience which are the fuel that run the engine of wisdom. From marketers to eBook sellers who promise to solve all your spiritual and enlightenment problems; these people only have one motive alone to create commercial opportunities. I have seen some have excellent marketing skills – they promise to be the best gurus in their respective fields.

Good news is that there are those that are usually genuine in these places, people who endeavor to learn from other people. These are the people who understand the interpendence of all phenomena. This is a class of the awakening and the awakened. Problem is that these people who are usually dispassionate about all these modern distractions in guise of social media. It has become harder for people to turn inwards and meditate, for their benefit, due to all these modern-day distractions.

These elegant platforms for socialization are not short of traps. Most people front their best part, in a bid to play the part. To understand these matters it’s wise to think about the analogy of the world being a big stage theatre where everyone is playing a certain role. Which is why these media have characters with varying temperaments and idiosyncrasies.

The noble quality that majority of people lack (with exclusion of commercial ventures where you just have to market and sell your product, which is not too much of a challenge – anyone can sell (swindle)) is authenticity. Authenticity is one of the finest qualities that any human being can possess. But it escapes the grasp of many  because such qualities do not come accidentally (nature can’t be lied to) they have to be acquired through the means of wisdom and having clarity in perception and understanding. Rare is the man/woman who, from an enlightened perspective, sees the mind-habits of others from a universal point of view.

There is a type of people that act in a way to suggest mystery but soon as you engage them intensively it becomes possible to see through their emptiness no matter how liberated they profess to be  or how educated they claim to be. There is that weak spot in every human endeavour that if anyone was given a chance they would gladly express its existence. For some of these beautiful souls its impossible for them to have unrehearsed intellectual conversations with random people because the wisdom they preach contradicts, in large measure, their own experience in their enlightenment journey. Such can only be guides to others up to a certain limit and they can’t be able to deliver to their followers an experience superior to that level.

It is wisdom that through our experience within the social media circles we do not lose our heads. In the midst of the noisiest market, one well established in mindfulness and meditation remain excellently centred in their enlightenment. 


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