The State of Commercialized Enlightenment in the World

Spirituality remains to be the most sought after experience among other human needs. It’s at the core of all religions and esoteric doctrines. The fully awakened ones usually have the capacity to to see through this phenomenon and thereby understand that any knowledge, doctrinal knowledge or different forms of worship and devotion are mere clothing whereas spirituality is what is to be found at the core of all these. Ordinarily particular religions or schisms originate from the ideas of enlightened men who, when they were alive, dedicated their lives to the teaching of enlightenment.

In to-day’s world there are many men and women clever and smart enough to master the philosophies of mindfulness and awareness. They belong to a long list of people who have accumulated much knowledge without the accompanying experience which is what separates them from the real messengers. They appear to have a good grasp of the guiding principles of this noble path but if investigated further turn out to have failed in the advancement of their own inner growth from their current stations. Similarly these ‘venerable’ individuals can never have the expertise to skillfuly guide their followers and admirers beyond a certain level of spiritual experience thanks to their own subtle naivety.

Meditation is the most widely misunderstood concept in the world probably it comes through a line of knowledge that is not embedded to system of things; hence susceptible to maligning by the very people who claim to have a vast and infallible discernment of this most intricate subject matter. Their actions dictate otherwise, the eloquence notwithstanding.

Graphing the finer human needs on a pyramid akin to that of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs would map spiritual enlightenment high on the ladder in comparison to others majorly because other experiences are supposed to serve as preparing ground for the ultimate. To live a life worth living it’s important that one get to balance all the needs of the soul. This is what we refer to as the middle path in this blog. 

It appalls to be able to see how easily good people and genuine seekers are tricked into signing up for programs by spiritual cons with all sorts of titles: reiki, guru, coach, psychologist et al. The best things in life are free; nothing should be freer and cheaper to attain in this universe than enlightenment because it has always been here in this world long before money and systems were introduced in the world. Its the our Source.

It’s worth reckoning that while the inner beings of many makes a far cry for spiritual liberation, these same people fall prey of false teachers of wisdom who only serve to delude them farther. This pushes their goals to nirvana more and more out of possible reach in their present life.

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