​Dreams of a Mystic

When I first awakened I quickly took note of the places in the world with the highest number of enlightened men and women, or the potential for such. Its been almost a decade now but I can recall reading the interview of some individual from Canada who knew, firsthand, the taste of enlightenment. Other areas with marked footprints of wise men are Germany, Japan and Netherlands, not to forget Los Angeles – the seat of the world’s best philosophy and mystery schools. I have always borne an interest to meet the remarkable men and women from these areas.
While there is nothing in particular special about any place, at least physically or materially, there are those places that provide the most suitable environment and conditions for one who is destined to attain Awakening in their present life. Canada is such by nature.

I have read many books published in Canada, books especially those that spread awareness on the Self. Just yesterday I was reading the Teaching of the Zen Master Rinzai and I was once again not surprised that the masterpiece was translated and published in Canada. There are many other great writing on disparate subjects written or published in Canada and many other such places where the people understand the importance and the karma that comes with the making of dharma teachings available to all. According to Buddhism such actions merit great Awakening in future lives.

Other Teachings published in these places that are inhabited by some people of genuine insight and interest in the wisdom teachings of the past times include: Rosicrucianism, Theravada, Mahayana, Zen, Sufism and Free Masonry. Other such teachings are Tipitaka, Visnuyasa, the writings (Theravada) on the Coming Buddha -Ariya Metteya and so on. It is worth noting that through some lines of knowledge appear to be contradictory to other subjects that educate on the great subject of enlightenment the deviations are usually superficial only; the inner core is usually all about self liberation.

Enlightenment is like being on a lonely mountain top with a thousand maps that have the potential of taking you back. The difference is that different paths have different time lags and varying struggles before one gets There.

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