​Enter the Golden Age

Some things happen without the slightest arousal of the curiosities of the ordinary man. We have just ended a long and Dark Age commonly referred to as the Kali Yuga in the Hindu and other mythologies which have different imaginations of this important subject. In the Buddhist eschatology it has been referred to as the Aquarian Age. Astronomically, there has recently been a realignment of our major galaxies and stars as if to signal the beginning of a new era.

All the meanings assigned to this great turn of events are not in any way contradictory but complementary. It is in the same manner that I don’t find the religions and branches of knowledge in the world not contradictory but essential complements to one another. Buddhism doesn’t contradict Hinduism or Islam or Christianity and so on. All knowledge are like rivers and rivulets that are supposed to lead back to the same Ocean and Source.

This is an Age that symbolizes a great paradigm shift in the consciousness of mankind mostly because the impediments to attaining Self Knowledge will be completely broken down. No more tough methods are required to attain enlightenments. In the ancient days people had very limited opportunities for attaining to these advanced states of consciousness due to lack of adequate means for travel and materials for studies. Even rarer was the chance of meeting an individual well established in enlightenment and free of all scriptural conditioning; an individual that could help one in awakening without any specks of doubts left.

When I first attained my Buddhahood I wondered to myself: “If it’s this easy, then why don’t other sentient beings become enlightened? Why do they continue to suffer, not materially but spiritually?” My own enlightenment happened so fast that for many years after I spent the time checking whether I had achieved the Real Deal. It is only when a person gets enlightened that they realize that the entire system is designed to make people remain in their sleep – for reasons no one can easily fathom.

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