​Meditation in Ancient Europe

You don’t need a PhD in Esoteric Studies to understand the differences in the levels of understanding of the doctrine and school of thought of meditation. The West is deserves much honor for the advances made in the field of science and technology and the subsequent of spreading these benefits to the rest of the world. Attributable to these achievements is the fact that over the thousands of years in the past, the West dedicated much of its efforts and vast resources to wealth and material development. These enabled the hastening of advance in civilization and the dawn of the democratic age.
However, it’s easy to see, with least effort, that the best men and women in the West – thinkers and philosophers alike – struggle to explain the experience of meditation. A majority of them do experience a tip of the iceberg of enlightenment. But however eloquent or glib one is, this is an experience that escapes all logic and aggression. In this category falls an endless list of great men and women who knew and understood the existence of a realm beyond the ordinary mind from all the other qualities of wisdom and transcendence emerge.

Socrates is probably the wisest man to have ever lived in the West, accompanied by his contemporaries the likes of Pythagoras, Aristotle, Plato et al. In the period between the Greek civilization (B.C.) and the Enlightenment Age in Europe there exist other great souls who possessed wisdom beyond the confines of the understanding of the ordinary mind. These great men and women appeared in different locations and countries in the expanse of middle-ages Europe, individuals that I still at with much admiration for their eloquence and courage to explore knowledge that doesn’t occasion the curiosities of the ordinary man who remains contented with his state of mental slavery.

During my own journey to Self-Realization I encountered many valuable writings from these great people and others that shall be discussed in my other blog posts later. But of particular observation is that though their wisdom is very insightful, it can only serve to light that spark that will cheer you on to continue with the journey to Self Liberation. This is because these men, due to lack of guides of genuine insight, stagnate on some level in the path. And this is the source of all philosophy. These men are not any different to the likes of Confucius (who also was complacent to attain full enlightenment). 

Just yesterday I was reading writings by Paul Case Foster about Rosicrucianism. Wait this is an interesting topic; I can feel the inspiration to discuss it in a different  article.


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