​The American Language – A Philosophical View

The disdainful American language I have heard in different media is not at all a sign of liberation or emancipation as many people are led to imagine. While I strongly believe that this is not the case with every American, it is most rampant in the personalities who appear in some music genres and other media like films and TV. If language was a parameter used in measuring the level of civilization then America would have the worst ratings worldwide.
Some of the best music and films I have heard or seen come from America, the Land of the Dollar, as George Gurdjieff once described it. The music genre that appears to be the most obscene in terms of language and expression is Hiphop music. This is a genre that is dominated by the Blacks. Being an African myself I understand and know first-hand the advantage that our tongue has when it comes to doing Hiphop music.

When I was growing I couldn’t help getting used to hearing rap music playing around. Naturally someone will be inclined to listen to music, or to consume knowledge, thoughtlessly if this comes from a member of their race. If you are Chinese you are most likely to be duped into listening to Chinese musicians e.t.c. because this comes with a certain sense of security. This is without the consideration of how much of that content has potent poison for your own consciousness.

The reason I chose this subject for discussion is for the illustration of how a big number of human beings remain trapped by so much nonsense that does not in any way related to their Self Journey in this world. Some leave the world more evil than they found it because they effectively destroy the coming generations with their wicked ways that are usually sure prerequisites of sliding into the four lower realms in their future rebirths.

Though this is not a philosophy of calumny, it’s sad to see or think of the negative effect the bad American language has had on other communities, even here in Africa despite being once perceived as a land of the innocent and ignorant. Well, a child can be both ignorant and innocent. The former is quite an ugly quality while the latter can be a nice quality that suggests delicateness. 

We are the luckiest generation that’s living at a time when all the prophecies of our most wise and resplendent ancestors have come true. There is just too much evil in the world, where delusion has spread to every single man in the world including the least civilized. It has become normal for people to fake godliness and other noble qualities for the sake of fame and other benefits like having followers.

But we can’t do shit about this! Just be fucking happy, mindful, meditative and enlightened to the fullest!

2 thoughts on “​The American Language – A Philosophical View

  1. Philip, I share the same understanding with you regards to the foul language. Its out of context, unnecessarily repetitive, and just unimpressive as I hear it, or sometimes read even in some spiritual blogs. Does it mean to express their unhappiness, renunciation towards some concepts? That’s how I’d interpret it to myself. In my own culture this language is only confined to the drunken gangs or heated private arguments, in media or public its no way acceptable. You are correct some songs coming out with this language influence artists in other cultures also to do the same, and somehow influence to lower the bar of acceptance in the major society.

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  2. First, thank you so much. Am humbled to receive the first comment ever in my blogging history.

    The fact that you too can see this nonsense in some societies is wisdom. However its worth noting that this lack of prudery in communication is not in any way a sign of unhappiness or renunciation of some other things. Its the highest level of stupidity in the human race and a degradation of morals.

    I would call it a decadence of human consciousness of some sort. We are living in an age when individuals have become too removed from deliverance that even pitying them isn’t helpful for us or them.


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