​The Mysteries of the Indian Subcontinent in Ancient Times

The modern Indian is no wiser than any other ordinary person in any other part of the world. I have met many Indians and people from other races and I can authoritatively profess that beyond the skin color there exists no difference in the conscience of a race. We could be abiding in different religions but our grand delusion is of equal magnitude.
The India of long ago produced men and women profoundly established in enlightenment. At the same time there was a greater number of multitude that was lost in their sleep. Religious civilization first flowered in India. This is where the highest levels of spiritual discoveries were first made by individuals that were selfless enough and courageous to walk on this path of ultimate liberation for their own good and the greater good of others.

However, though he might have preserved the teachings of their past Teachers, have sunk into ignorance like any other race that worships materialism. I can’t dispute that there have been innumerable enlightened men and women who have walked the once holy land of India, the likes of Osho Rajneesh, Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna among others. But this is the last batch of such kind of people. Even these alone were able to reach the peaks of enlightenment, they only managed to awaken similar inner flowering to a limited number of because. 

When a man gets awakened there are re-enlightenment stages that should follow. This is what differentiates Masters, Mystics and Buddhas and the impact they make in the effort towards spreading enlightenment for the benefit of all. Some have their teaching forgotten as soon as they die. The above stated are the perfect examples of this point. I have not seen a single fully enlightened man or woman by these men. 

This trickles down to the Method. Many individuals who attain to the highly elusive state and most misunderstood state of enlightenment the challenge shifts to communication. Meher Baba was one perfected example of this discussion. In many instances throughout his life he could just not communicate his experience for the benefit of those seekers determined to make a similar Self Realization.

With enlightenment comes a massive force of feminine energy. This is the aura that attracts many disciples who quickly forget to learn the art of meditation from these gurus. They are easily attached to the word and ideas uttered by these magnificent figures, never directly aiding in their own enlightenment. To find a truly and supremely skilled Guru in the modern world is as ever. To reach the end of the path to Self Mastery is even harder.

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