​The Story of Siddhartha Gautama Before He Became the 4th Buddha

Thus I have heard that when the Buddha was born as a prince son to Sudhodhana who a King during that time, a renowned astrologer made two predictions about that. He would either become an Emperor King to reckon with or a Monastic Leader that would establish a major Order. The latter is what turned out happen.

Buddha was born 2,500 years ago in Northern India. Jambudvipa was different at that time different from what we know it today. At that time the Indian subcontinent consisted of many kingdoms and men and women actively sought after spiritual enlightenment; unlike the India of today where the inhabitants are best at trade and other material musings. 

The Buddha’s mother died as he delivered him. He had to be brought up by his maternal aunt. As he grew up, every single effort was expended by the King to make sure that the boy never got exposed to situations that would arouse his thoughts about enlightenment. The King’s workers went to the extent of making sure that the young boy never had the slightest view of suffering men or even a dead leaf. They always made him merry.

This narration is, in actuality, not about the Buddha but about the society. The societies are schemed in clever ways to make sure people don’t ask the hard questions about life. Thus men and women are born in darkness and die painfully in the dark. Their existence passes on to oblivion and they (and their worldly achievements) are forever and conveniently forgotten. Which begs the question: What exactly is the purpose of us being here on Earth if not to accumulate material things?

The Buddha grew slowly by slowly into an inquisitive young man. Later he began to see the impermanence of different phenomena and sooner or later he renounced his Prince-hood and the promise to be made into the greatest King that would have ever walked occasioned Indian subcontinent. Maybe he would have been the one to unite all of India’s kingdoms and introduce democracy at that early age of Eastern civilization.

In to-day’s world it’s become hard, or even impossible, for the lack of a better word, to meet people who have genuine insight and interest in Awakening. The Buddha would later become a Teaching Buddha thanks to His former lives’ preparation to attaining Awakening. 

Little is said, if at all, of such great giants of Wisdom.

8 thoughts on “​The Story of Siddhartha Gautama Before He Became the 4th Buddha

  1. It’s my pleasure! Im a Buddhist myself and from what I read, it goes right to the point. Most people these days can’t distinguish Buddhism and other religions and accidentally mistake unrelated concepts to Buddhism. You however wrote Buddhism the way it truly is! You are awesome! 👏

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