​Reconciling Science and Religion

We are living at a time when science has advanced so much so that religion needs some serious elucidation for it to be able to achieve the originally prescribed panacea by the prophets of the distant past.
Over the past three hundred years science has advanced dramatically leaving true religion at the mercy of the atheist. But what really is atheism? It is a lower form of religion. Don’t get me wrong. In today’s world where people have become too removed from deliverance, almost all mainstream religions have been forcibly converted into atheism. For instance, if Jesus was to appear for the second time on Earth, he would not at all recognize Christianity as the religion that was founded on the precepts that he asked his disciples to dutifully keep.

 Similarly, if Buddha was to come on the Earth for the fifth time he would not at all recognize Buddhism as the religion that was founded on the Dharma that he so glibly and eloquently taught. The same applies to the Wise Men from whose Teachings important doctrines have emerged.

What exactly should the purpose of science be? 

Science has proven that over the last 542 million years there has been periodic destruction of parts of the Earth and the peoples therein for periods of about every 62 million years. This and many other scientific investigations should help us humanity to consolidate our understanding of religion in its purest form.

While science has its own limits, spirituality should serve to complement this phenomenon. Science is an offshoot of the intrinsic desire for man to understand his surroundings while True Spirituality is an ageless gift for man by the gods to discover his own inner self. The latter is a completely forgotten virtue in the modern world and could serve best to explain why now in the current world many are so obsessed with extraterrestrial occurrences and aliens, which of course remain to be elusive to the understanding of even the best scientists; this obsession has become the best excuse for persons not to turn and look inwards of their souls.

It’s a funny world, if looked through the eyes of True Insight and Wisdom. While a staggering majority think the world has progressed, it begs the question of what is the most just measure for progress. If anything, human life has advanced materially but the inner core of his spirituality remains untouched.


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