​Why History has Countable (if any) Records of Enlightened Women

For the past 12,000 years of both recorded and unrecorded history there has been a minimal number of women who really attained to the levels of transcendental enlightenment. All societies in the world have for the entirety of history been based on systems based on the workings of the male mind.
Hence for so many thousands of years, women’s consciousness has been insubordinate to that of their male counterparts. Until recently women could not vote. In this article I shall seek to hint on the parapsychological barriers that have for so long impeded their enlightenment.

It all begins with the parapsychology of the womenfolk, which means as a woman you have more intricately complicated mechanisms (not at a physical level, though) that require different and more innovative methods to transcend as compared to that of men. To aggravate the situation all the Masters and Enlightened men of wisdom who have in the past Taught on this rare path did not have the opportunity to tailor their tested and approved methods to suit the needs of women.

Hence I have not heard of a single woman in the expanse of history who has had the ‘forbidden’ opportunity to taste the experience of Self Liberation. This can be attributed to the fact that the society, as it is, and have always been, is keenly designed to prevent them from having the slightest notion of this great path. Man as a matter of fact subconsciously bears innumerable insecurities concerning the womankind. It’s just in the genes.

By a stroke of good here comes a totally New Age (the Aquarian Age?) where the grounds have become completely leveled and no woman will ever have an excuse ever again. In the modern world the society has become reorganized and now women can do (at least physically) anything that a man can do. In my Teaching career I look forward to meeting some serious women who will be genuinely interested in imbibing the Dharma, as many suffer spiritually for the lack of good and genuine. While I don’t have the slightest intention of beating my own drum, I have been duly and truly prepared for this paradigm shift.

In terms of spirituality, I like to emphasize that men are equal at all levels and bear the same potential. The great Teachers, in the past, entrusted this great Knowledge to men but time has proven that the future Teachers have to also open the doors for men. But this more or less depends, of course, on individual effort of the character in question.

With time more and more womenfolk will prove that they are not limited spiritually by their physical beauty, which is terribly impermanent by nature, and by their own psychology. 

Talk of unwavering optimism…

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