A Quick Look into the Spiritual Poverty of Modern Religions

History is rife with persons urging others to renovate their ways and be more conscious of their deeds and misdeeds. But, I think, that time is long past. When such people of great transcendental Knowledge and Wisdom appear in the world again, they will not attempt to teach. I myself am very much aware of this disorderliness in the world where humans have devolved (if such a term exists, as an antonym for ‘evolve’) into a mental state where they are no longer capable of understanding anything that relates to spirituality.

Let us not be quick to label this state of the modern world as abject (and deliberate) ignorance; we can inject a little bit of compassion in there and consider that ignorance is a cumulative phenomenon. Usually, when a generation is born into existence, it doesn’t come with its own religion and precepts. It picks from what has already been established by the ancestors and moves forward, usually blindly, with it.

The question of improving the existing doctrines does not arise in the minds of the new generation at all because it is custom that the previous generations make strict (and cunning) guidelines as to the infallibility of whatever they have left for the upcoming generations. This way blind and misinformed religious doctrines are perpetuated especially if there exists a strong ruler of the day – as was the case during the Roman and United Kingdom empires during and before the medieval ages. The rulers in such cases are usually more than glad to have something that hypnotizes the masses, when they follow unquestionably like the proverbial overloaded donkey or the foolish sheep that follows a man to the slaughter-house.

Thousands of years pass and new generations arise again, advanced in material knowledge and technology and weaponry but completely empty spiritually. They continue to look at their ancestors and their inherited religions sanctimoniously and that becomes the beginning of the end of a once-glorious civilization.

The environment of humanity has improved so much – many live in ‘palaces’, fly in jets. But the spiritual poverty and ignorance of the people has not improved in the slightest. If anything, the world has witnessed a remarkable degradation of man’s spirituality. 

Many seeds fell on rocks and thorns while none fell on the fertile ground!

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