Jesus was, Beyond Reasonable Doubt, a Bodhisattva

The Teachings of Jesus are the most widespread in the West. However, the teachings are clouded with the ignorance of the minds of the writers who wrote and organized the literature approximately three hundred years when they realized that what Jesus had attempted to teach them was of essence. Of course there is too much political interference in the teachings of Jesus and the other wise men and women in the Bible.

All the teachings of Jesus remain well beyond the understanding of the Western mind probably because they all possess an Eastern mystery in them. Which leads us to the next question: who is a bodhisattva? 

A bodhisattva comes in three shapes and sizes. Jesus was the type of unshakable Faith. This type is usually ready to lose his head (life) for the sake of making Teachings of Wisdom to be known. In America, the saying “No publicity is bad publicity” is quite famous. As such Jesus attracted attention to The Teaching by the sacrificing his own life.

Fools think that spiritual purity is something that can be attained by conventional and material means like making material donations in churches or by ablutions such as baptism and praying to a MIND-MADE God. It is funny how many religions have perfected in such delusions ostensibly so as to fit in world conventionality and to be able to capture the minds of the ever-delusional.

Places of worship in the modern world have become not any different from corporations whose chief resolve is to profiteer from the humans besides having the biggest following. In any case if churches preached the same Good News that Jesus attempted to teach there, of course, would be no a million-and-one sects branching from the same religion, worshipping the same God. This is a quite laughable situation.

Pundits in all kinds of religions know one thing for sure: that humans, by nature, possess an innate spiritual hunger. This they exploit without mercy or admonishment from their ‘competitors’ from other religions because they are all in the same business of exploiting the ignorant and spiritually asleep masses.

Nobody should be blamed for this because both the deceiver and the deceived enjoy the game. The deceiver loves the game of spiritual deception because it eases his/her pain of searching for the right path. It is a two-way street.

Jesus was a bodhisattva who in his past had studied the mysteries of enlightenment under various Teachers in the East and the West. Throughout his teachings he makes expressions that would be very familiar to anyone who well understands the symbolisms of the East as far as the SCIENCE OF THE SOUL is concerned. 

Sadly his teachings have been used for material and political gains. I remember when the missionaries came to conquer Africa they came with two weapons – the bible and the gun! HAHA!

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