​ Of the Erudite Seeker

An ardent seeker of the Unsurpassed Way to Nirvana is the person who has made the resolve to attain the Ultimate Experience. This is the kind of individual who knows first-hand the fatality of the lower forms of life and mindless attachment to these. In the past many have followed this path and have attained the deathless. I know this to be true as opposed to pundits who preach this Knowledge from a ‘guess-work’ point of view. Theologians can have much clarity concerning a given doctrine but when it comes to the essential experience they stand to be naked like everyone else in the eyes of God.

Different serious seekers, out of the lack for a better option or due to their own ignorance, are enticed by different doctrines and religions. This, the doctrines achieve by preaching them loyalty (and punishment). They, however, don’t provide them a better spiritual experience. All they do is deceive them that while they cultivate themselves there, they’ll grow (spiritually) more than they would anywhere else. A good example for this is the modern Buddhism and Christianity (whose decline and subsequent corruption their founders prophesied. Here, they are promised that whenever they DIE they will attain Heaven or Nirvana.

Corporatization of the methods for the attainment of Self-Realization is rife in the modern societies. They all promise to turn lead into gold, a falsification of the ancient alchemy philosophy. 

A great Guru makes a promise for learning; not a promise to attainments, which would otherwise only work for the detriment of the seeker. This is a promise for transformation – that a stint with the Guru will change your substance and value, not just your life-style, but in subtle ways that will outlast tenure in his/her Instruction. Such a wisdom holds a very strong appeal to anyone who has a genuine insight about their hidden purpose in life.

Talented (and serious) serious seekers flock to gurus who lack prowess in large numbers, regarding any monetary costs, long hours or foregone earnings (in their professional lives) as investments in their future and inner bliss. I wonder why many agree to be so gullible when in the end they only attain more ego and delusion. For these, real Self Transformation remains to be a nebulous promise at best, and material drivel at worst. 

Any ardently determined seeker of enlightenment should always ask themselves several questions beforehand: “Who gets enlightened, into what, and how? What good is it for the quality of life that I live and for those in my life (family and profession)?”  If these students of Self Knowledge ask themselves the right questions, they would get to understand why the false doctrines (as opposed to genuine Teachings of persons of duly prepared and tested Illumination) are usually so attractive to them and why they get motivated and bound by these superficial lines of knowledge and philosophies.

We are an entirely new generation that ushers in the Golden Age (which is nigh) and our actions of spreading the seeds of true enlightenment far and wide should elevate those seekers who are lost in oblivion due to lack of better hints for something higher than what they already have in their souls. Such elevations would put pressure on spiritual quests to keep moving. Many fail to get the rare opportunity for genuine enlightenment experiences simply because there exists various mutually exclusive paths for this attainment alone. 

During my Awakening journey, I can remember that I was always fluid. I never allowed myself to feel locked into any specific practice or insight or Master. I always thought of myself as acquiring skills, not necessarily attaining Nirvana. I hoped, back then, that through my skill-and instruction-gathering I would be able to get everything I needed to attain the prerequisites for Complete and Perfect Enlightenment.  

Thus, depending on different experiences and trends they see in their lives, serious seekers should remain open to different learning opportunities devoid of hasty judgements and dismissals of some Teachers as (un)skilled or spiritually (un)qualified.

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