​The Portable Monk

The idea of Buddha’s teachings are widely disregarded by would-be Arahants and other persons interested in discovering their innate purpose in life largely because during the Buddha’s time the monks and disciples had to live in closely knit a  commune known as the Sangha. Times have changed so much and it has become increasingly impossible for the modern mind to understand the ways of the Buddhas. 

With the advent of the Golden Age the goal posts of the game have to be shifted to fit the change of times even though the message and Teaching will eternally remain intact, yielding the same results for those who travel the path with a sincere and honest mind. There will be no more communes because the world has progressed in favor of anyone who wants to go the way of enlightenment. In the ancient days there was nothing in the name of efficient methods of transportation from one remote location to the other. Hence I always like to emphasize that none of the Lamas or Buddhist or Hinduism religious leaders (of course all the other religions and doctrines fall in this fallen category) do nothing at all in the interest of their founding Masters and Teachers but are usually just after material gains.

The modern genuine monk shall be very different from what many already know. He shall be invisible. No robes! No worship! No begging for alms! Before his Earthly death, the Buddha understood how most of people who claim to follow the path of liberation were just satisfying their egos while others were merely trying to fit to the times but with no genuine interest in improving their ways of life. That’s when he propounded the prophecies to his most devoted disciples (Sariputta, Ananda and the rest of the retinue) about the time (NOW) when Dharma will become completely forgotten to all and also explained how men (and women, of course) would become so given to vile practices (as it is NOW) that they would become completely removed from deliverance.

There are many monasteries all over the world, everywhere, but unfortunately I have not heard any that preaches the true Dharma. A fool would say: “But the teaching methods in this places are exactly what the Buddha taught?” Usually when a Great Master dies a part of his teachings die with him. And as times goes by, century by century, the once-alive teachings, become empty skeletons without any hint of flesh in them. The once-pious places of worship and enlightenment become like zoos, as I will illustrate in a metaphor in a paragraph below.

The Buddha (and the other Masters of Wisdom from different places and settings, like Zoroaster or Jesus or Vishnu) envisioned that the Dharma would succeed in positioning itself (with the impending progress of the World) as a microcosm of the many ways of life of humans (trade, governance, religion et al) and desired that people would invest in this Great Knowledge, work hard at it for this would add a certain rare quality of completeness to their existing professional (and career) skills and personal relationships that would subsequently become rich in unique ways with a touch of authenticity. 

Hehe, But…

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