​A Brief History of the Future

It’s not hard to see the future for someone who understands the present with clarity. Usually, the past is an extrapolation of the present and the past. This is similar to clustering the number of years in question on a graph as a scatter plot then drawing something commonly referred to as the Line of Best Fit in Statistical Sciences. This implies that the future is an intrinsic function of the present and the past combined.
Human life here on Earth is characterized by trends. The hardest thing for many who seek to have insight that is without even a speck of dust is that they are unable to meditate on the patterns of life invariably spread throughout the present and the past. Most imagine the wise men who made prophecies in the distant past about the present Age to have supernatural powers while that was not the case. Prophets are usually very ordinary beings.

We normally fail to understand the language of the prophets because their teachings was intertwined in complex allegory and the subsequent generations back then worked so hard in recording the histories of the time. They depicted the prophets as otherworldly figures that can never be replicated or whose example is impossible to follow.

The power of all the prophets of the past and present (if any still exists) lay in their ability to live completely ordinary lives and that’s what separates them from the ordinarily mediocre minds. They merge with the natural in ways that seem common to the ordinary eye but elusive because the common person has too much hankering in the mind that there can’t exist a moment’s meditation and reflection in their perturbed state of mind.

Similarly the persons who usually manage to attain to the benefits of Awakening of the Self are able to do so through penetrative interpolation skills of the past and the future. It is possible to get enlightened by the virtue of having a deep contemplation of the state of humanity thousands of years past and thousands of years to come, simply because by doing so you get to experience your minuteness in the macrocosm of the cosmos. You also get to see how tiny and microcosmic your life is here on Earth as compared to the bigger Life of the universe. 

This serves to diminish the Ego, which is the only barrier of the journey back to the Garden of Eden and the proverbial Golden Age which men imagine to have been once there in the very distant past.

The future, here we come.

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