​Working Scared

The modern-day corporate world has become increasingly hard for many to fathom thanks to thousands of layers of ideas used in the running of organizations. These principles, both written and unwritten, are a product of hundreds of years of evolution of the corporate organism. Now the modern professional cannot survive, financially, without either directly or indirectly depending on an organizational outfit as a cab depends on its mother for milk for the purpose of nourishment. Hence this is a good dimension from which to make an analysis of the intrinsically immaterial needs of mankind.
People succeed in gaining attractive positions and great paychecks that are easily coveted by others but what really separates the successful person and the unsuccessful, at least in the corporate sense? Nothing. This is because deep down every man and woman experience the same kind of vulnerability and emptiness for whatever is supposed to fill this void is largely not marketed or advocated for by any society. This is not just an individual problem but a collective challenge in all societies in the world for, all people live similar lives. We could be living materially lives of different qualities and quantities but our innate need as human beings remain largely identical however strongly we might try to deny this.

In this discussion am alluding to all kinds of careers. All careers are joined by the common chord of the need for one to have financial stability. Therefore this law of contentment or lack thereof applies to everyone from the most powerful king to the poorest and most sorrowful man who toils all day just to place bread in his mouth. Funny thing is that, spiritually or religiously, we are all born equal regardless of whatever religion we get indoctrinated into. Our parents are usually the first representatives of society to get us away from the Garden of Eden for reasons no one has the capacity to understand.

On the periphery, people usually seem strong and blissful but if only souls could speak…

The biggest energy in anyone’s life, whether they are aware or not, is spent trying to fight their Inner Self which also fights back in a way. At death any person gets the feeling of great loss not because they are leaving the body but because there is an inner voice which despite their long life and endless opportunities remains largely unexploited and undiscovered. Actually whatever people call death is not death, it’s just a loss for the ego mind. I have heard of many enlightened individuals who, when they knew their time of departure had arrived, made merry of the situation and entered the death realm in Perfect Bliss.

Truly, the fish in the sea is thirsty despite being surrounded by water in all the ten dimensions..

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