Why We Were Named The Millennial Generation

Basically the millennial generation is everyone born from 1980s onwards. This is the generation that has witnessed the maturation of the Information Revolution where the Information Technology has reduced the world into a ‘virtual village’. In this time and ideas spread fast. 

Flashback to 2,000 years back. You get to see how lucky a generation we are. The millennial generation shall produce the most inquisitive types. This is the generation that for the next one hundred years will produce the very finest progenies in various areas because knowledge cheaply available.

This is the first generation that shall consist of many people who of their own volition will see the limitedness of their own existence and desire to search for higher quests having seen in clear light the emptiness of the actions of some of their forefathers. Usually such reflection brings a certain sort of introspection and when you get absorbed in positive and such it somehow cleanses you in a way. 

The baby boomer generation who were brought up in discipline and piety in every place of the world can confess how the aghast they feel inside of themselves because the millennials are the first kind can’t heed any word of the elders in their respective cultures. But it’s because we have suddenly become accustomed to the popular culture elsewhere. Here in Kenya and everywhere else there are new and fascinating dressing styles. Ethics have also changed much thanks to the cultures imported from other superior cultures from other countries.

However I don’t see any duality in whatever way of life because all of them are usually equally satiating to the mind-of-the-day. It all trickles down to fulfilment. But I must also point out that this presents a vast opportunity for men who seek to spread the good light far and wide in the globe at this time because the desire for something more fulfilling than our forerunner’s boring lives. This thirst for spirituality but lack thereof the wisdom of how to sate this hunger is also attributable to the fact that there is now in the world quite a big population and this exposes people to themselves for they shall continue to question that what, other than the material possessions, separates them from the rest of the mould.

I have enjoyed discussing this topic. When I write I don’t rehearse because I am very short of time juggling writing and my lifeblood daytime work. Thus when I write I am usually mostly writing fresh thoughts so that every time I write I blow a considerable amount of zest in the word and the letter.


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