​After Acquisition of Comparative Wealth, What’s Next?

There is possibly nothing more important in this world than the achievement of riches that come along with different comforts. In today’s society people are judged by how comfortable and fulfilled they are in their different professions and ambitions either social or economic. It an important meditation to realize that Nirvana begins when you become comfortable first. That is the moment you start wondering in your mind about the possibility of the existence of something more wondrous and remarkable other than the ordinary comforts of life, however refined, that can be achieved by anyone provided they are provided with the opportunity and which we ostensibly separate from at the moment we die.

Most people dislike vanity in others, whatever share they have of it they have themselves; but I prefer to give it a fair quarter wherever I meet with it, being convinced that it often of productive good to the possessor and to others that are within his/her sphere of action. Hence, it would not altogether, in many cases, be absurd if a man/woman were to thank God for their vanity among the other comforts of life.

However, the million-dollar question is: How do you take advantage of your comfortable situation to seek greater Self Experiences? Self-Realization eludes many regardless of their level of education or wealth. Nevertheless, anyone who has had the occasion to be successful in whatever endeavors can profess their innate desire with humility to acknowledge that they owe their happiness brought by their success to the kind providence of life. This understanding should thereby lead you to hope, though you must not presume, that the same goodness will still be exercised toward you by Nature as you remain in dire need for a higher spiritual experience. Spirituality works with different dynamics as those used in amassing material fortune. This is why celebrities, even after being afforded stupendous worship by their followers, can secretly confess a feeling of innate lack and despondence in spite of their external success.

For starters, one should begin by developing an interest in reading. People who lack curiosities live the dullest and boring lives regardless of their material success and achievement. If you happen to be an ingenious tradesman the journey to enlightenment becomes all the more interesting and fun because you get to have the opportunity to learn Nirvana at your own pace without the pressures of the corporate environment like I myself have had to brutally deal with.

If you remain intent on attaining something of higher essence then that gets to happen in due time because Nirvana does not play games and occurs in the lives of those who cultivate the necessary conditions and maintain a certain sincerity in their intention.

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