You Start Learning when you Start Teaching

There is a common chord in all types of professions and career paths. Learning is what gives us inner growth and fulfilment. Yet learning is an infinite exponential growth curve in which learning reaches a certain maximum but again starts to grow in quality at another exponential rate. This is true of all lines of knowledge or practice.

This aspect of life is evermore prominent in the matters science of the Soul. In the art of self knowledge the major goal is self discovery. This is creating a certain alignment to a certain innate purpose. There are many people who get stuck in their lives despite their outer conditions being of the best taste; a need to align the life you live with your true self. Where your consciousness resides on top of a pyramid-like position in relation to your life and your destiny. This is the unknown desire of any living being.

As a person lives through their life they are usually unaware if there exists a certain chord that cuts through all fields of knowledge and doctrines yet that is what is sought by most in search of fulfilment in their careers be they a Buddhist or Christian scholar, a doctor or a scientist. The main aim is to seek the face of God in every endeavor that anyone embarks upon even if it means being a Lord Kitchener the British army Field Marshal.


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