​Of False Prophets and Mystics

This is the Age when we have seen the rise and fall of many false prophets. The easiest way to identify a false man of God is simple: he is unable to help in the correct self-liberation of others, much less himself. These are usually men and women who understand the taste of boot polish for, a True Mystic does not have the desire to merely please people with falsehood for the sake of their own pleasures and cravings.

The most outstanding quality about such people is that they possess an impeccable understanding of the psychology of the crowds, a topic I intend to discuss in a separate post. They understand how people, in their spiritual sleep, like to be flattered and wooed by saying what best suits their egos. This is actually the single biggest factor that has contributed to the decline of all True Religions and declines because as one generation is succeeded by another there is a loss in character among those whom the torch of enlightenment is passed on to.

These persons lack transcendental intelligence, and have a superficial sugar coated character aimed at making them look like saints, at least at face-value. Just like the perfect military man’s understanding of politics – dogged, devoted and dumb. To the truly wise, these persons display an almost inconceivable stupidity. Whatever is palpably untrue in the scriptures and books, and methods to attainment, convinces them instantly, and whatever is crooked in society seems to then to be noble. 

For these kinds of people, their public life is usually an endless series of evasions and false pretenses. They are usually willing to embrace any issue, subtly, however idiotic, that will get them followers and acclaim, and are willing to sacrifice any principle, however sound, that will lose them for him/her. The depth of their meditation is as deep as their attachment to sensual objects, the fame and the innate desire to be worshipped by others. By thus doings, they are unable to truly enlighten the people who entrust them with their spiritual destiny.

I have seen such peoples in big numbers and in different settings. They are flooded in the social media and the internet, monasteries, churches and so on. The best they are able to achieve is to sink their students further into hell disguised as acts of Self Realization. However, I do not describe the individual who fakes Nirvana at his/her inordinate worst; I describe him as he is encountered in the full sunshine of normalcy.  It is almost an axiom that no man/woman may make an Enlightened Teaching Journey without stooping to such ignobility: it is as necessary as a loud voice. I find this to be weird more so because the students themselves never challenge these people as regards their authenticity and true mission.

Now and then, to be sure, a man/woman of True Sincerity as regards his/her Spiritual Mission may make a beginning, but his getting far depends on various multivariate factors that are only conceivable by selected few that are of a distinguishable sobriety. Persons of genuine insight have died without sharing their enlightenment experience with others who had the potent spirit in them just waiting for a hint. These men/women have failed the spiritual progress of the world as desired by those who have gone before us that attained full and perfect Enlightenment, who had a vision that the work should not stop regardless the severity of the situation of the minds of mankind.

Be Light unto the world, to increase your own Enlightenment a hundredfold for, this is the nature of how it works. This is the Unsurpassed Way to the maturation of insight that leads to the Ultimate Wisdom. 

11 thoughts on “​Of False Prophets and Mystics

  1. The pleasure is all mine. I wish I started blogging earlier. Am just one-month-old after complacently sitting on my enlightenment for 9 years if I can even remember the time. All pure, am grateful.


  2. Yeah. Usually when someone meets The Light, its too dazzling to the eyes and due to the thousand’s of years of spiritual hunger that we carry in our genes, one is usually inclined to remain in a state of samadhi forever. But if you seek further, you find something more important than mere enlightenment.

    You get to start seeing nirvana as something that should have been something ordinary of all human beings and hence begin a second phase of enlightenment.

    Beyond and beyond.


  3. Wow, so many different points to discuss. First, would you consider that not all celebrity preachers are insincere prophets? That some work from a place of faith and their sincerity?
    The religious leaders you described as false or self-serving prophets could also be considered politicians.
    Would you agree that true leaders live a servant mentality? This isn’t the same as living a humble and poor life. I’ve been blessed to encounter vastly wealthy people who live the servant leader Mindset. One such friend always fits into every conversation the paradigm shaking question: “what can I do to help you?”
    Most people float through life hoping for others to think that question through for them. It may be why such false prophets and politicians thrive.
    I believe it was Lao Tsu who first stated that the teacher comes when the student is ready. If this is true, then the false prophets serve a purpose for those whom they teach.
    I believe we are all put in this life to learn our own lesson and the universe, in its infinite wisdom supplies us with an endless supply of teachers or angels to teach us. Ultimately, we are responsible for our own learnings. The prophets each one of us perceive as false are simply not the teachers we need. Perhaps that is a lesson in focusing on what we truly need and want.

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  4. First thank you so much for your comment I truly appreciate.

    I will respond in parts.
    First, yes, there are celebrity preachers who are not false prophets. But that is limited, solely, to their level of awakening. By this k mean that: there are some who lie to innocent seekers without being aware that they are misleading, because the deceiver and the deceived are in perpetual sleep whereby both parties just operating according to a certain ancient model of, say, a certain religion or doctrine.

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  5. Thanks for the wisdom of noting that True Leaders live a servant mentality. The servant-leader mindset is what true spiritual nature is. Living not only for oneself but also for other beings; this accumulates merits for one, in this life and the afterlife if that rings a bell.

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