​The English Language: Britain’s Gift to the World

What’s in a language?
A language is a collection of many thousands of years of innovation and ideas. A language also borrows much from other existing and existing languages, as English borrowed much from Latin and other languages for it to come to the maturity we know of today. The evolution of a language at best serves to demonstrate of a people to advance in general terms and in terms of philosophy.

From the Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century there was much reordering of systems in the world. New empires were created while much development occurred, leading to a sudden improvement of the stature of mankind in general terms. But there is something that many fail to understand: That such changes in the larger were always bound to happen regardless of the parties involved. Such insight is one benefit of seeing without duality which is what prevents many from tasting the waters of enlightened due to their societal conditionings and biases collected throughout life.

Most people are usually so spiritually poor that their total intelligence is a sum of the biases they have collected from their societies and from the schools they have attended. Mostly, schools usually act as forerunners for inculcating biases in the students, something I experienced when I attended the university for my Bachelor’s Degree. I doubt whether Universal Education exists anywhere anymore. But of course the schools have played a significant role in the civilization of mankind, by large measure.

There was a purpose that English was intended to serve in the New Age that we are getting into. Apparently very, if any, people are aware that has been much astronomical shifts, an occurrence that happens in couple thousands of years when humanity experiences a paradigm change. This is a time that was highly publicized by many prophets, philosophers and Gurus. The Buddha called it the Aquarian Age. The Buddhist idea was that this would be a time that no more barriers will exist in the world for those who can perceive the importance of his Teaching. The Buddha’s Teaching would become something much needed in this new as people little by little start to discover that it is the least defiled teaching when compared to all others.

The English language is playing a huge role in this new Age of Light. If I didn’t learn English I wouldn’t be able to preach about this enlightenment because my ethnic language, having investigated it in detail, is too superficial and inadequate in the attempt to express this great phenomena that many don’t understand despite having super-developed language. But for the Language to have come thus far much had to be done by our predecessors everywhere in the world including America and in the East. 

Unfortunately, languages are taken for granted by many and even the words in them that seem elusive are not given any attention. I can still remember the reaction I had when I first saw the word ‘enlightenment’ and ‘meditation’ in English. This aroused my curiosity and it lead me to study the finest of English philosophers, an act that led me further into Sanskrit writings (interpreted in English) to get further explanations…..And here we are now.

All languages are interdependent in some way. For a serious student of wisdom, there is need not to take words at face-value because meanings fade in different languages according to the evolution or, worse, devolution of the times. I still wonder what Buddha Shakyamuni meant when he said that by now (2017), his Teaching will have completely disappeared from the world and those religions and practices left of the world would be merely a collection of phrases and writings that do not confer the experience he spent forty five years to teach, leading to the enlightenment of hundreds of learners of the Unsurpassable Way – Nirvana. 

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