The Lost Keys of Enlightenment

Teaching about the Perfect Enlightenment has been found to be a matter of no small difficulty. Other than spirituality, there exists not in nature, as far as has been hitherto observed by the wisest men and women, a single subject or species of subject inaccessible to men/women which presents one inconstant and nonuniform dimension. This is a subject that has been under study for many thousands of years, and the study will continue for many more thousands of years as each individual, in his own turn, tries to find their True Face. The lost or forgotten Self.

Aware or not, enlightenment is the most-sought experience in anyone’s life and existence. This is the one thing that connects all beings whether they accept it or deny it. This phenomenon manifests in different ways. In Buddhism and Hinduism it is Nirvana, in Christianity it is Heaven or Peace, in Islam they call it Paradise and in Masonry they refer to it as Illumination. While you will never catch me saying what exactly enlightenment is, I allude many times to it for there is possibly no way that any mind can understand what the experience is like. But how this state can be attained and what its characteristics are, I will always preach for this is my raison detre.

This innate need of all humans has been taking advantage of by the day’s Order throughout history and preserved in form of religion, but, unfortunately, conjured under layers and layers of scripture that it has practically become impossible to become awakened through any religion. Once vigilant and genuine practitioners have disappeared in the world. It is now not possible to meet a genuinely enlightened Hindu or Buddhist man or woman. Why?

The only difference between the gospels of enlightenment in the West and East is the approach. In the West it is love and knowledge that have been the most credible path for the past many thousands of years. This can be observed from the approach of Socrates and many other philosophers down to the middle ages. But this path has its risks and disadvantages that is the reason why we nothing of much meaning left of the West’s philosophy. The philosophy reached some climax in the middle ages but dwindled during the 19th century. Christianity and some groups like the Rose Cross attempted to pass on this torch of wisdom but later failed miserably.

When you turn your attention to the East, you see many competing doctrines that all profess to practice the right way to enlightenment. But the East is not spared in these delusions as well for, they have also encapsulated the Teachings left by their Great Teachers of Wisdom in so much drama that it has become almost impossible to get a hint of awakening from them. As a result many people from the West are spiritually scared of the mysteries of the East not knowing these people have become as empty as everyone else spiritually save for their superficial piety. In regard to this, the Age that has just ended has left too much spiritual confusion in the world, in my opinion, that people can no longer speak the same spiritual language yet we are all plenaries of the same Eternal Mother.

To aggravate the situation, the emergence of technology has worsened the ‘lost’ nature of mankind. It has become easy to capture images depicting our ‘falsified’ happiness and bliss. The lack of such advance in technology could possibly be one factor that forced the people of earlier times to look inwards. In a photo image, however resplendent, you are only looking at the reflection of your outward appearance and not your inner appearance (which is not-at-all pleasing for many). 

To see your false Self in an image you must open your eyes; to see your True Self Within, you MUST close your eyes.

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