​The Forgotten ‘Method’ of Compassion

Compassion is one quality that has almost completely lost meaning in all corners of the world. Most dictionaries that attempt to shed light on the accurate meaning of this aspect of enlightenment have failed miserably. I should say, that some experiences like compassion and unconditional love are qualities that any encyclopedia, dictionary or scripture is most likely to fall short of the whole meaning of the word. Clearly, this is what I meant in a different article, that language has its own limits and boundaries because, as we know it, all language is an extension of the thinking ability that has been bestowed upon the human mind and this is, and always has, subject to growth and evolution. Language either gets better or worse in serving its purpose depending on the particular stage of evolution of humanity.

While it is within my ken to illumine on these elegant aspects of life, the enlightenment that is intended from this writing depends solely on the determination of the reader to have a good gist of the elusive meanings heretofore communicated. Enlightenment is a journey that is filled with discoveries and musings. It is only a countable few who manage to reach the mountain peak of the experience of this enlightenment that attain the mental faculties to communicate with pure clarity the essence of their discoveries for the benefit of other human beings. This is also the reason why enlightenment is a topic least popular in all social settings because only a countable few in the entire world can communicate and defend the mystery of it all in from all dimensions.

Compassion is a most revered aspect in all religions and philosophies. Why is that so? This is because it’s the easiest way that anyone can gain full awakening. However, this has not been a common phenomenon in any religion or philosophy because the true meaning of compassion that surpasses all is to be found buried deep in scriptural writings which minimizes the chances for the understanding thereof. The secret is that the ultimate meaning of True Compassion can only be gained through experience and consciously practicing this quality though with wisdom and restraint for discrimination (the ability to be able to visualize the result of various experiences before you indulge).
The best way to test your level of awakening is definitely by gauging your level of evolution in the path of compassion. Being as misperceived as it is, it’s always been easy for some of the so-called Gurus to falsify this essential because it’s easier that way to attract egos. But true compassion has nothing to do with someone being too soft in terms of emotion or pretending to have transcendental love for all things.

Real compassion is a byproduct of wisdom and correct meditation. It is a culmination of right mindfulness. If practiced correctly, compassion and correct seeing will elevate your consciousness to higher levels that are reserve for the Perfectly Enlightened.

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