The Modern Day Tower Of Babel

For many years a majority of the nations in the world have always considered America (USA) to be the harbinger of civilization. But now the prophecy of Albert Einstein seems to have come true that: “I do not know what World War III will be fought with but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Government officials should be elected by an examination to determine knowledge and fitness, and promotion should be by merit alone and without political interference in order to ensure that it’s the best men and women that get involved in state affairs. 

Nostradamus and many other wise seers foresee the political madness we are currently experiencing in the world. Michel Nostradamus wisdom is however largely ignored everywhere, despite him having been a man who possessed of some inner source of knowledge beyond the reach of ordinary men and women. It for such reasons that Nostradamus was consulted by numerous kings and princes on various occasions. His advice was always, just as we would expect of a truly Awakened person, temperate and directed toward public good. The scholarship of enlightened persons gives a perspective on political problems that are beyond the professions of statecraft. It was Plato’s conviction that the human being was not created merely to engage in industry and politics, but rather to perfect himself as the noblest of the animals, endowed with reason and the natural ruler of the material world.

During the period of one hundred and fifty years after the Declaration of Independence America produced the most remarkable leaders in all fields of professionalism – from politics to philosophy and industry. But now many years have passed and new generations of citizens have emerged that seem to lack a sincere understanding of the far that their country has from and the struggles that had to be endured. The political climate has deteriorated because the citizenry and the proletariat seem to have forgotten the true meaning of fair democracy. 

The days of the likes of Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln et al are long forgotten. The period aforementioned saw men and women who had a strong commitment to spirituality and a devotion for doing the greatest good for the greatest number. Trust me if any of these great men and women were to rise form their graves they would hardly recognize the current America that they worked so hard to build for the future generations. 

The model recommended by the wisest men to have lived has been ignored. According to this model the society is supposed to be operated in a certain natural way with the people working to develop their spiritual nature while sustaining the government in just and creative means; and the politicians serving God while protecting the people. Hence all these insecurities and potential for nuclear warfare in the world obviates that mankind has neglected its service to the Eternal Mother. 

However, there is always a chance to turn things around by returning to sincere piety and doing the good deeds. The huge amounts of taxes, instead of being used to build war machines, should be mostly recycled back to the people through wages and projects for rebuilding operations that would see the jobless rejoice on the regaining of a Golden Age that once was, thousands of years ago when greed was unheard of. 

This article is not aimed at regurgitating political ideologies but has the best intention at the heart of the writer to illustrate that American problems keep getting worse because the real issues get ignored and only symptoms are cured by those who have the ability. I see it as a spiritual poverty that is destroying the great America. Lately there has (and still there is) so much political gibberish in all corners of USA especially now that Donald John Trump is the president. This idle talk has sent shockwaves all over the world raising questions about the ‘true strength’ of America. The politics of most parts of the world have deteriorated because, thanks to electing ungodly leaders, alliances rise and fall as easily as taking off one cloak and putting on another. 

Recently there has arisen numerous civil disorders in America. Never before has there been mobs apparently revolution activities against their own democratically elected president in America that, under high sounding, but nonsensical slogans, and with methods bearing not a trace of the principles enshrined in the wisdoms of their founding fathers principles. This applies to all countries my own, which is worse by all means.

During the last one hundred years or so, Americans have resorted to a spiritual sleep that has never been witnessed in any part of the world since the beginning of times save for the Tower of Babel where all hell broke loose and people began to speak in different language with no one understanding the other. The Tower of Babel is an allegory that appears in the Bible and that explains how strong civilizations rise and fall fast when they have spent too much expanding their material interests while leaving the spiritual aspect of life largely untouched.

There hangs a big cloud in the world due to the stand-off between America and North Korea, which I see as a credible sign of the times. We have officially entered a new Age in the cycle of the cosmos where no single country will be able to dominate others. This means the times foreseen by the likes of Plato are fast approaching and American leaders forgot to be reading the warnings of the prophets which could otherwise be helping them to be more humbled and develop their spiritual wisdom, and the forbearance needed to blissfully live in a world of abundance.

There is an urgent need for people everywhere to turn in and realize the essence within that interconnects all humans and that way the need for war and repression will naturally end.

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  1. how can the spiritual vide getting better, if everything is one? You are the light? So who is the darkness? You are the good? So he is the evil? So the World is bad, you are making it better? So how you can do this, if everything is one? Dualism is the enemy of your way of light? So you have an enemy your are dual to… Start thinking. Pantheism is an illusion of meditation. Its the feeling that everything is conected and one. Yes Good is conected but not one with his creation. God createt good and evil. Dualism is the truth. You cant help yourself but thinking in dualistc ways… because otherways the human can’t think. If you decide what to do, you think about an action a and an action b or even c. Then you think about which is good, which is better, which is wronger, which is worser. Dualistic thinking is the ensence of human thinking. Pantheistic thinking makes only sence in pure philosophy if you want to live, you need to think dualistic. wake up!


  2. I am wide awake. I am in no way against duality. By all means, I truly embrace all the ways of men.

    And am aware we are living at a time when evil is the order of the day. Evil has become embraced by all persons from ruler to the ruled. Hence, am in no way trying to be sympathetic about the situation of mankind but just stretching the arm of COMPASSION.

    Thanks for your comment. I treasure conversations because that where God is to be found.

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  3. thanks for your answer. i am sure if i got it right. You are not against duality. But you are colling for compassion. So you are calling tolerance, respect, secular non violent form of interaction in democratic societies? yani you belief that you are closer to the truth then others, but you have compassion to them and you dont wont to fight them. Is that what you meen?

    On the same side you are complaing about the evil in the world. Dont you find it is strenge that secularism, and democrazy was never be so spread around the world, but in the time we find the world is not a single bit more lovely then before? Okay now the people would could discuss about that years over years. but pleace think about the fact that the ‘evil’ rulers of this secular democratic Worlpowers are abusing secularism do deunite all societies and to bring them away from being ruled by their tradition or religion to being rule by the ‘democratic majority in a pluralistic secular society. So ask your self, that the call for secularism and freedom of religion and democrazy is simply a wappon of western Money leaders to rule over the world. It is simple, if a socity is united in his tradition and faith, they cant rule them. But if it is devided into all kind of pluralistic worldvies, then they can rule, because with their money they controll the democracies not the people. Secularism is a lie, they are telling you, give up the ruling of your religion, all others are doing the same, and then you discuss about the law. but in reality they will write the law anyhow because they control the money. So it seems not be logic, but if you want to makes this world a better place, then the people should return to their religions and beliefs and should choose the religion they could really belief in. then society of religions and beliefs could live next to each other. or corse their would still be war in the world. but the abusind of human race would be lesser, because faith can be cruel, bot nothing is more cruel then the ruling of money.

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  4. Excellent! Excellent!

    I am so joyful to see that there is someone who has a deeper understanding that all the problems in the world to-day all root from the one “lie” of the money lenders.

    But the million dollar question now becomes: where was mankind when money started ruling every single aspect of their lives? Did they fall asleep?

    I really appreciate your Knowledge on this political philosophy, because many miss on it grossly.

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  5. where was the mankind when money started to rule? as I explained they put their moral into their living rooms. as kemal ataturk said as he forced the islamic world towards secularism. ‘lets put the koran in the bookshelf’ and if we need it later we take it out again. He said lets rule now with secularism and maybe later we will return to koran. but he and all leaders who are calling for secularism know, if the society started to give up their religion and started to devide into pluralism and they gave the power to the moneyleaders and banks, that it will be hard to get to power back. Why? because if the socity is devided ones, not only the leaders but also the many diffrent groups will prevent you from taking the power. Dividing and Ruling.The moneyleaders are telling us. If you want islamic law, or your religions law to be implement, then you simply have to discuss and bring the majority behind you. So if the majority wants Koran, we will rule with it. First its a lie and if the majority would call out for Koran or any other Religion with is against the Moneyleaders, they would interfere as they did many many times. secondly this will be hard to happen, it is close to impossible the the socity reunite upon religion after they gave it up, because in secularism we have so many diffrent religions who all want to make influence on the law. So in the End the Moneyleaders will sitting there laughing how muslims and atheists are discussion about hijab or not and in the end they are ruling with their unmoral banks and laws and dont care if atheists or christians or hindus or muslims are against it. All the different groups cant unite against the moneyleaders, because of their different worldview, they all might hate the moneyleaders, but they cant forget their different opinions upon hijab and so on. Muslims dont like Interests. Christians forgot about that, a lot of atheists understood that the moneyleaders are doing wrong. but every single group can come together against them, because they cant accept the other aspects of the other groups religions and because they are scared that if they unite with the other group in the end they would help them to take over the rule. So atheists dont want to help Muslims and the other way round and so both of them are trying to fight alone and fail. The moneyleaders only have to make sure that the societies are getting more and more splittet and mixed and secular and from time to time they need to kill some people or destroy some countries if they are scared that a religion or worldview could become a strong opponent thats it.

    The people did not fall asleep but they are prisoners of their fear. In the secular pluralistic world, they are scared from the diversification of the world. germans are scared about the raising numbers and muslims, and muslims are scared about the rasing numbers of westeners in their countrys. everything is mixing so everyone is scared. so they prefer beeing secularly ruled then to fight for their own belief. the moneyleaders preach it always, there cant be an alternative next to us. You all have to live under us, weak devided mixed, if you reach out for the law you will be destroyed from us, and from the other groups. as they understood Humans are thinking about alternatives. So the moneyleaders draw for them the picture that following their own religion and ruling with their own religion whould be something outdated medieval something impossible, something only extremists and fundamentals could dream of. something which would not be possible in our days. With their wapons and money they make show to the world that this would be true, by brutaly killing all opponents.

    If the people would understand that they are brainwashed, then they could think about alternatives. and they could reflect freely about the question wich religion is the best alternative. And they could start to think about, why they shoud accept rich people to get all the welfare of the world threw interests. as long as they are thinking inside the secular way of fear they will never reach something expect from making moneyleaders laugh. You have to set yourself free. Everything is possible if you simple fight for it. So then you can start to think, what you want to fight for, and what you want to make possible.


  6. Thanks for your bold wisdom. On the same note, do you realize that the Arab world is largely responsible for its own decadence having forgotten the Teachings of their most important prophets. I guess this is the situation with all societies including my very own here in Kenya where, people become so obsessed with conditioning and repressing the intelligence of their own folks that they forget of a greater and more subtle external enemy.

    Zoroaster (an Iranian Prophet) once said that Arabs will deviate so much from the real Truth that if someone tries to Awaken them they would come out with weapons to attack. Its now too hard to reverse things. What do you think?


  7. the people are corrupt all over the world no doubt in that. but you also have to see, that there are people using their minds and hearts. But if you ask me, it does not help a lot to think about which folk is more corrupt and which less. the important think is to find out what about what the essence of human thinking is, what the essence of human religion is. Because in the end if you want to come together with the other people who woke up, you need a religion to become united with them. And if you think deeply. If there is a sense in Live, if there is God, then there has to be a path to him. It makes no sense that God sended us prophets, but then left his beliefers behind in the dark and separated. Humans have one Father adam and one Mother and one God so they need to have one natural first religion. And as I said I am a Muslim. And I think the concept of Islam the monotheism is the concept of all religions in the first place, but then what we call moneyleaders always invented polytheism because thats the only way they can bring the people away from the truth and can divide them, so that they can rule them with their own law instead of Gods law. So I think these people invented polytheism in what has been monotheism in the first place. and if you have a look at all religions, you can see this changing from monotheism to polytheism. look at christianty, the trinity came 400 years after jesus, then the killed the arians, christians who had been upon monotheism and said that jesus is a prophet and human and God is only one. you always have one creator in the first place and then why so ever, they are comming up with new gods. Hinduism. the same, first one god, then he is creating new gods.. And in all religions you have something like a paradise. And human thinking is based open the idea, that we have a free will to decide between right and wrong, even we cant explain that completely. And human thinking is also used to build his decisions upon a deep set of main beliefs, what they call common sense and what muslim are calling akida. So the natural Akida for me is. To pray, to love, to follow, to fear, to seek help from noone but from our Creator. We are loving each other too, but for his sake. And to follow his law and to not accept any kind of polytheistic invention in the religion of God and to keep his law pure and to follow it united with all different ethics from all over the world. So I belief that the Koran and the Sunnah is that pure Law from God. The bible had been, until the romans and greek changed it. The thora had been, until the enemies of monotheism destroyed it. So we have the koran, and if you read it you will see it has pure monotheism, so it can be easly being abused by moneyleaders. if you look at shia, you see that they invented polytheism and the result is that they have a leader who is connected with the 12. iman who is something like the holy ghosts, so he has the right to change gods law. this is how the money leaders are corrupting the people with polytheism. because in the end, we always have some holy people telling us that they know better than God. They can not change the koran or the sunnah. So what they do is to bring the people away from koran and from the understanding of the sunnah. the are helping all kind of sects to come up with polytheistic and other wrong understandings of the koran, who are clearly wrong if you know the sunnah, but the problem is the people dont know the sunnah. and thats the reason why we see all this terrorism. the moneyleaders are supporting terrorists, and they say, this is the result of koran in the understanding of muhammad. this is medieval! we need another islam. we neet to get rid of the sunna. But If you ever lived with people upon the sunnah, you will see, that even they may differ in their knowledge or intelligence or character or culture, they are united upon the sunnah, the sunnah of mankind, upon pure monotheism. Thats the most proud and pure kind of live. because nobody is over you, nobody is between you and god and your united with brothers and sisters who are equal with you. even the leader is equal in front of Allah. you are following him directly threw koran and sunnah u nited with your brothers and sisters, what so ever they are talking about that. Every other religion is putting some holy people over me. There is no religion expect from Islam who is not putting creation over creation. There is no religion which has a direct way for the creation to his creator. if all people are directly following the creator, than there are all free from suppressors from the creation. Islam is the balance between anarchism and moneyleader society. Why? because anarchists in reality want to get rid of the moneyleaders over them, but if they got rid of them, they have nothing but anarchy left over. But in Islam all Muslims are united upon Islam under God. They will be still an human based authority system. even in Islam we have leaders and court and police and we need to follow them. But we only follow as long he is following Gods law. So if he is not, we will go out and kill him? no thats the way of the extremits terrorists, who are calling every muslim a disbeliever who is sometimes not ruling with gods law. What does we say to such a person, if he is our leader for example, we advise him, and we are not following him, in that matter, but we do not kill him, because we all are weak and we all are doing sins, and we all are sometimes not following the law of god, so we advise him and pray for him. and that is what god ordered us to do, not terrorism. so we accept even the sinfull brother or sinnful leader as our brother and leader. we only do not accept if he is getting over the borders, by changing the religion, by implanting pholytheistic thinks in gods law. then we say him: stop that. Then we advise him and if he dont accept the law of god, the scholars will call him disbeliever. then we will go and kill him? no only if we have the power for that, only with wisdom. Thats fundamental? If you follow secular thinking of the moneyleaders yes. but then you will always stay a polytheistic slave of them. In reality thats natural. If there is a folk of believers and the leader is changing his religion to the religion of the enemy and is trying the change the peoples law to the law of the enemy, then it is the duty of the people to get rid of him. thats not extrem. the leader who did so is extrem. But we kill him not, if he is doing sins, only if he is changing the religion and only if they have the power to do so and if we are united. because if we dont have power and are not united, it makes no sence to start war. if we are week and not united an small in numbers like today, we have to be patient and have to call the people to monotheism and to the law of god. thats the right of civil resistance. So Islam is not terrorism, but also not secularism. Its the true pure law of mankind, the law of all prophets. thats what I belief.

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  8. I had never envisioned that I could ever meet a brother from Egypt as knowledgeable as you are. Let me re-read your intelligent idea before I can answer. This is awesome.


  9. That point you talked about “Gods Law” really touched a soft spot in my heart because man’s deviation from this Truth has been the sole cause of all his endless suffering and tribulations.

    This reminds me of one of the greatest Egyptian kings some 3,000 years ago who was determined to rule according to God’s law and his people flourished in their affairs. He was called Akhaton. Ever heard of him?


  10. And yeah, I possess a deep understanding of the evolution of different religions and the several Truths that bind them, but which mankind has ignored to a large extent in favor of his greed and material ambition.

    Am so grateful for your wisdom to share knowledge.


  11. thank you that nice conversation.
    I heard about him. I have to admit, I do not know much about it. Now I checked a brief search on the internet and found that he is famous for calling against polytheism in direction of something like monotheism.
    This is interesting and shows a fact, most people do not know. According to Islam. there had not been only the named Phrophets in the Koran. But thousends of not namend Prophets. prophets had been sended to ALL Zivilisations in every times. until Muhammad. Today there is no need for new prophets because we have the message of monotheism saved in the koran and sunnah. but before Allah sended always and everywhere prophets. Some had been followed some not. Some had been killed and nobody followed them. But some of same became Kings leaders. None of them had been secular or talked about trinity… e.a. in Islam a lot of scholars say that Alaxander the great maybe had been a prophet, because he was trying to unite the religions in their real origin of belief in God. We dont know, but its a poor reality, That most people think. Muslim would not see that the origin of most religions is God. they think we would completly deny other religions. Allah would be only the God of the Koran, only the Good of the Muslims. Allah is the god of the universe. There had been thousands of prophets every time everyplace. But people always corrupted their messages. so does we say we accept all religions because their oiring is good? this is what secular people are telling us. But this is stupid. yes there had been from God, but people changed them into the opposite, into polytheistic religions for the rich. So why I should accept that? i accept the origin yes. I accept Jesus and Abraham and Moses and maybe ancient egyptian Kings, But I will never accept the todays pharaos and christian and other polytheistic religions. Accepting the church means to be an enemy of jesus. When Jesus will come back before the end of time, we will be with us, he will be with the muslims and the christians will divide, some of them will return to the true religion and will join us and most of them will join the secular antichrist, the dedschal who will unit all of them. this is also interesting. in ALL religions you find a similiar story with a Messia and his enemy. Because it is the truth and all prophets spoke about it. People changed it, so it always sounds a bit different. But the islamic talk about that is clear and sound and makes sense and it is base upon koran and sunna. not about myth.
    So I think a realize that all religions are coming from good does not mean to accept them even they have changed, but that meen to accept the origing and to return back to it!


  12. Excellent! You are a very knowledgeable person, I truly admire that.
    I have never concentrated much to read the message of prophet Muhammad but I will soon make an effort when the inspiration descends upon me.

    Have you taken time to study the prophecies of Zoroaster? He was an Iranian enlightened prophet just as Muhammad was, and he is the one single man who made the prophecy concerning the eventual rise of Muhammad the prophet and the founder of the Islam faith. He also prophesied that after Muhammad there would arise another Prophet he named Saoshyant, who would arise after Islam has decline and when his message has become completely forgotten in all of the Arab world.

    I truly love that you have unshakable faith and this was the teaching of the most refined prophets and wise men of all times but its important that we remember all religions, not just Christianity, have had their teachings tweaked to fit the desires and whims of the various aristocrats. Hence I suggest that its important that we keep questioning and asking ourselves how we can attain that enlightenment these prophets discovered. This also means that we should do a deeper analysis of all the wise men from different parts of the world that existed at different times so that we can a clearer meaning of the message of Allah because:

    The message of Allah is like innumerable rivulets flowing from a Source.

    Once again thanks for your correspondence and selfless sharing of knowledge. If anything this our communication is a true and proper definition of religion, because we are communing with sincere minds.


  13. you made a point:

    ”but its important that we remember all religions, not just Christianity, have had their teachings tweaked to fit the desires and whims of the various aristocrats. Hence I suggest that its important that we keep questioning and asking ourselves how we can attain that enlightenment these prophets discovered. ”

    but you have to realize the main difference. Can everyone on earth go and start to read the unterstanding of Jesus of the bible? he can’t. can everyone go and read and study the understanding of moses from the thora? he can’t. can we study the complete understanding of the ancient prophets and kings? we cant. we have just fragments. what do all of them have in common? they had been prophets for their special time. God sended them to their people not to us. So God did not saved their messages because it is not needed. Thats the diffrence to Islam and Koran. You can read everything. from the way the prophet went to toilet, to how he treated his wifes, to how he made war, how we laughed how lived how he slept how he prayed how he explained monotheism, how he died, everything recorded. The koran and the sunna is there! you can read it! it is saved. So of corse there had been and there are Muslim leaders not following this and preaching the opposite of that like terrorists or secular leaders and servers of the worldbank. But they cant changed the koran and the sunna. muslims all over the world are memorizing both koran and sunna. my 10 years son. if you start to change the koran, we will correct you, and he knows a lot of hadith as well. so they cant change the recorded religion. So if we want to, we can find the origin. And the original understanding of Islam is, that you have to do that by your own. you cant sit there waiting for the leaders to explain you everything how they want. yes scholars are important, but everyone has to study by his own. you have to hold to the sunnah by learning it. without knowledge Islam is just dead culture. if you know about koran and sunnah it is religion. nobody can tell you something. nobody can tell you, that you would have to follow him, this is freedom, this is the true religion, freedom because you follow the revelation, not the people, because It is as if muhammad would be with us. And God is with us. If you start reading the orignial sunnah and koran not books of sects who explain you everything like they want, you get the pure understanding of islam and you will love it. I am sure of that. everything is in harmony. you find so much wisdom in muhammad, that it comes totaly clear that this wisdom has to come from God. I have a met a professor one day who read something from the sunnah, and then he claimed: this can not be! Muhammad was not one person. he never lived. this books of hadith are the result off all ancient scholars collecting all their knowledge and wisdom. No … it is from muhammad. No I am sorry it is from God.

    I think it would be time for you to search about the sunnah. You have to do it by your own. I only say try to search for hadith without explenation so you can get an impression of the sunnah. koran, sahih bukhary sahih muslim. thats my advise. there you get hadithes telling you how muhammad lived and what he preached. now you might say, how do I know if bukhary and Mulim changed something? Its simple if they would have changed something you would see the contradictions as in christianty. if you find some contradictions show them to me. the hadithes are sound and they have clear chains and in most cases you have one hadith reported in several different ways. So if you have a large number of companions of the prophet tell you that he did or say something, it is not possible that they all made mistakes or even lied. If they would had been liers, they would not had been able to creat such a sound sunnah out of lieing. and every liar has an opponent who is making his lies clear and it cant be that all companians made up a big great lie and nobody realized. anyhow just read it and see yourself. as I promise you if you find something changed something contradictional something not sound, I will have a look at what you found. but I am sure you will not found anything but sound truth, because this is what I did. I searched in Koran and Sunna and my aim was to find contradictions to proove some muslims that they are same as christians, but I failed.

    as for Zoroaster yes I know most muslims belief he had been a prophet and then later people changed the religion. I dont know. and yes if he was a prophet he would have talked about muhammad. all prophets talked about muhammad, as proven even in todays bible you can find ahmad but they transalted it literaly in most cases so they say in the end it would be the holy ghost. but the thing is, his, Zoroasters religion is gone, if he was a prophet or not, the todays followers of him have no connection to him. as christians have no connection to jesus. can I read about his live as I can read about muhammads life? I cant I will find books about him. But why I should do, if you found out the truth of monotheism one time your heart is at home. you spot searching and begin to study, because you found the origin of knowledge. you study koran and sunnah. if I would study everything else, I would find essences of the truth and would find what had been changed from the people. But I am allready connected with him, with Zoroaster, if he was upon monotheism. as I am with Jesus. before the people will enter paradise there will be a lake for every singel prophet and there the followers will meat their prophets and they will be united with their brothers and sisters and the prophets will give every singel follower water from that lake and after that they will never feal thirsty again. And then they all will enter jennah and then they will be called to come together and then they will meet their lord the will see their lord and they will fall down to worship him but he will say no and that they have worshipped him in the live before and then he will laugh with them and God will remember them about their trails in the earlier live. And this that you see and talk to your lord will be the greatest of all blessings of paradise and the people of paradise will love most to look to their lord.
    I have my prophet I have my ummah, I have my path to see the face of my lord, so following this path is all I need.


  14. Yes, that which mankind does in sleep does not go very far. All our systems of life are premised on this illusion. Man has made a captive of himself then keeps crying for God’s help. Then when God shows up man continues in his vile practices and delusion. Its a weird world.

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  15. The greatest danger of civilization is the side-effect of too much free time to think about self. We in the U.S. have indeed become selfish… resentful of a world that intrudes upon our own and demands our attention because it is too much fun and far too easy to be self-obsessed when the daily challenge of survival is removed. But this is also a phase of civilization, and the real test is whether we come out of our bubbles with a more compassionate and humanitarian mission for ourselves. Until we see that as our HUMAN duty, we cannot initiate it as a national one. And unfortunately, having been stroked for so long as the hope of the world, we have some reconnections with humility to make…all in full public view. Not so easy, as the world can now see…but I have faith that my country will emerge from this messy rebirth a better people, if not a better nation… The principles and vision of our Founding Fathers resides within every contemporary protest and civil discussion, no matter how messy. Check with us again in four years…

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  16. Am so sorry for the swelling. You might need to see a doctor maybe, to eliminate the swelling. I have a question for you.

    Do you think there are signs that the old civilization is falling fast? Do you think we are entering a new civilization where America’s position will be occupied by China for several hundred of years?

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  17. I think if we don’t acknowledge our debts and become more responsible for our position of privilege in the world we will lose it. And we do that not by force, but by sharing ideas and valuing diversity. As our veterans like to say, “Freedom is not free.” And as some philosophers say, no action is as much a choice as wrong action. If the United States embraces isolationism, then we are abdicating our influence and eventually our precious freedom. China is a likely candidate to succeed us, but governments that repress their own peoples also have limited time in the spotlight, and I think no one in the world wants to see the consequences of THAT revolution. Weapons of war have come too far for us to pretend we can simply step back. It’s time to wake up. The question is, will we in time? And how much will wild cards like the internet, changing climate and changing economies affect our irresponsible, thought-gathering pause?

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  18. I am so overjoyed that you can see the knack of the moment, in this deviant modern civilization. You can see everything is based on the doctrine of utterly open greed from the education system to religion to the arts. Basically all the prophecies of our greatest men and women have come to pass.

    Thanks for your incisive wisdom.

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  19. Looking back on the day, I find a smattering of little things, but kindness doesn’t have to be big, does it? I quietly advised someone looking to become a writer. I listened to a friend in need. I cared for a 19-year-old cat. I tried to only positively impact the world around me. Today I set out to do it again.

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  20. Well, this compounds much about the level, nature and quality of your virtue. You truly understand the language of kindness.
    Loving kindness is the greatest degree to which an individual can can create a conducive “inner environment” in order for them to attract that which is higher than herself.

    What you have done, is the most refined quality of charity, however small the assistance, what matters is the degree of the purity of intention you devoted to that act. This is how these things work. The merits you work on on the outside have an alchemical impact on your “Inner”.

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  21. Great post. You are correct in so many way in this article. As I am reading I was amazed that your writing was in some instances mirroring Lao Tse writings in the Tao Te Ching . Thank you for sharing.

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  22. Thanks a lot. I didnt even realize that I have disclosed some essential truths as Lao Tzu did. I guess I must have been a student to him 1,000 B.C.

    For, these most enlightened men have a way of planting their seeds in us so that the seeds grow into unfathomable trees of magnificent height in the distant future – NOW.

    Thanks a lot!


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