​Atheism: A Disparate Cloak For Religion

Atheism is taken up by people because innately they have a thirst whose quenching they have not found in the religions that they have previously encountered. Everyone is born into a religion or into a family that believes in something be it a conventional religion, a dogma or a doctrine. This is one of the basic principle in the way of ordinary life of all peoples. It’s more of Nature’s game on us humans. Maybe this is one of the responsibility that comes with having an intelligence and conscientious values and civilizations.

In reality atheism doesn’t exist. What some people refer to as atheism is just a devolved form of theism for, if you would well investigate the so-called atheist you would quickly discover that they are full of doctrinal leanings, however subtle, and dogmas as opposed to the supposed prima facie fervor for piety of the theist. This corresponds to a concept that I discussed in a different article that sought to explain the poverty in meaning that is to be expected in language as used in communication among human beings.

The brighter side of things for the atheist he has the wisdom to see that the religious person is in a similar unconsciousness as he is himself and that they are both in the same life-trap of the desire to discover a higher purpose in this life. In regard to this the atheist resorts to worshipping his bodily desires while disparaging the existence of an essence within of himself that ought to be cultivated and developed. This concept of atheism extends from the lowest individual in the society to the most sophisticated scientist that doesn’t believe that something more exists beyond the material realm that his advanced knowledge that his mind has convinced him to take as the ultimate.

Is there a way that such persons can be aware of what they don’t know of? To what extent is a human being supposed to embrace and investigate that which supersedes the understanding of the ever-limited mind? 

The most respected scientists in the world have fervently misled the world with their unfounded conclusions about existence. But this could be attributed to the fact that Nature doesn’t talk for itself. I think Nature sees us human beings like children who are just abandoned on a playground to play all they want until they get exhausted and begin to clamor for more satisfying and fulfilling Truths. I would say that the theorists who have been responsible for misleading the world many times before are people who are preoccupied with glory, power, status and prestige; they don’t have the slightest passion for Eternal Truths. Such individuals, if you got to know them at a short-range, are usually restless and bored when they are not in the limelight; they are flagrant attention seekers.

Now, back to the beautiful atheist. He falls prey to such aforementioned theorists and scientists because he lives in a world of instant gratification and arrogance towards Nature by the virtue of believing (recall that belief is the idiosyncrasy of the theist?) that nothing more exists beyond the physical. However, the excitement generated by atheism is temporary; it easily wears off. There are Natural Laws that bind all existence that are well beyond the fathom of the ordinary mind and sooner or later the spiritual poverty of any human being becomes imminent. Suffering (not financially) is in human DNA, I guess, though the scientists might not as yet have discovered this.

Ordinarily, we humans are usually appear to be strong on impressions but weak details, facts and logics. That could be the reason why we find it hard to discover bigger realities beyond our ordinary minds. We mostly lack the powers of logic necessary to assess and address complex situations and that is why we settle for less. This concept can explain why there exists so many kinds of religions we all claim to come from the same Source. This could also be because, naturally, people are easily influenced by other people and the latest fads, besides having a tendency to play hunches and experiment with off-the-wall convictions

I once heard that there are only three events in a man’s life: birth, life and death – he is not conscious of being born, he dies in pain, and he forgets to live.

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