​How the Jews Lost the Ability to Produce Remarkable Prophets

Humanity always seems to be either looking to the past or future for its prophets. Hardly ever do they recognize them when they are in the NOW. It’s just easier that way. If they acknowledged their presence then they would have to become the message.

One distinguishing character trait of a True Prophet is the transcendental understanding that: Success isn’t “being so good you can’t be ignored “ but that “Success is being so good you can’t ignore others.” Such persons are devoid of hatred, greed and jealousy. A prophet usually has discovered something about God and spends the rest of his life making efforts to enlighten his folks on the Way back Home to God. As such these rare individuals appear in the specific part of the world with a message that is universal in nature, because all peoples have equal potential for spiritual progress regardless of their race or orientations.

Back in the ancient times the Jews went through hell due to mistreatment by various other races that at some instances induced slavery upon them.  There is the story of their slavery in Egypt more than three thousand years ago. There is also the slavery in Babylon, a situation that saw the rise of many Jewish prophets. Funny thing is, no one decides to become a prophet; something just descends upon the person and a new mission becomes set upon their journey. The unknown reality is that there have been as many prophets in all parts of the world in all history, both written and unwritten. Problem is, the society just deliberately decides to focus on just a single line of prophet for, mankind has an innate urge to form and adhere to religion which would not be possible if a religion consists of Teachings of Prophets form different parts of the globe. It inspires me to know that Persia’s greatest prophet was a disciple of Prophet Jeremiah. This trend repeats itself over many other instances.

Would you imagine of a religion or spiritual doctrine that had Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu and Zoroaster, to mention but a few, as the religious Teachers in that quest? This seems ridiculous because people, as they are, prefer to model religion and spiritual dogmas in their own image. While the enlightened seers preach the same Self Liberation Gospel, societies have always found it convenient to form theisms out of their Teachings in order to continue their spiritual slumber which is characteristic of human beings in all parts of the world regardless of caste or religion.

The Jewish community suffered a great deal under the Roman Empire. I would have gone into boring details of this subject if I had the luxury of being a scholar but unfortunately am not one. Even during the days of the Babylon many Jews were sent into exile. Their nation was conquered many times over thousands of years. They were expelled from different countries and sometimes subjected to subhuman treatment. But these misgivings served as a signal for the Jews to turn inwards and seek God. This they did with much fervor and piety.

For the many thousands of years that the Jews endured suffering under different regimes they ardently sought the hand of God and finally, in the Middle Ages they began to receive favor. This is one of the periods that their ability to be a source of world renowned prophets and wise men began to diminish. This is true for any community. When people suffer a lot the Eternal Mother stretches Her helping hand, the community or race then begins to flourish. When comfort and luxury becomes possible for a people they begin to quickly forget their God. 

When the piety of a people diminishes and they begin to alter the Teachings of their Great Prophets, new generations emerge that happily embrace the new delusions and ways of life. Then men and women cease to experience great visions. Little by little materialism becomes the only way of life known to the people. This is then followed by decline in many other affairs of the society and spiritual poverty sets in when all mankind’s energy becomes focused on the physical alone.

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