​The Unconquered One

Zoroaster once taught that there lies a thin rope on which a person may walk upon elevated Ground to attain the inconceivable status of ‘superman’. Mythology aside, this aspect of the inexhaustible spiritual potential is alluded to in all the Teachings of all Awakened Men and Women of the past, present and future. Jesus taught it in form of inflexible Faith and Prayer while Buddha taught as meditation and mindfulness. But unfortunately these such important teachings are overcome by time and their true and genuine meaning sink into oblivion. Thus the few who have the grit and determination to discover their Original Spiritual Nature are what shall be described as the Unconquered Ones in this article.

My mission in writing is to grip my readers (of now and of the future) with a new and personal sense of reality. Right now the world is undergoing a huge material and metaphysical metamorphosis whose knowledge and understanding thereof is not to be found in the mainstream communications because there is that sleep that men and women have always been. It is due to their lack of wisdom to see, much less talk about it, these phenomena through the third eye of wisdom. Nature is perfect for no single individual no matter how religious or educated can successfully falsify the nature of Awakening because it is the only occurrence that occurs given the total absence of the Ego Mind.
 The Buddha Shakyamuni and his other predecessors made various predictions concerning the Evil Age to come (our present epoch) when people would become less skilled in spiritual and enlightenment matters but with an increase in the urge to perform evil deeds. This is a time when no religion has sustained its purity and sincerity; a time when the doctrines of materialism have totally overwhelmed the minds of all people, driving them to struggle for their own selfish ends. Clearly the lust for power and wealth has prevailed over the teachings of compassion and Truth.  However, you might fail to understand at a higher level what am trying to communicate here depending on how cushioned and conditioned by your immediate society to see things otherwise but this is the reality everywhere, however subtle.

Hence the few who follow the path of the truth appear to be different from the bigger share of the population, though not in a materialistic sense. Basically, the ego works in very strange ways that are not noticeable to the common eye because it’s only by the absence of that ego that pure clarity of reality can truly descend upon someone. It is thus that the Buddha made his accurate prophecies concerning this new Aquarian Age when the intellect of people becomes constricted in big measure. He specifically alluded to the few who would understand his message of Full Awakening, given that his (and other Teachers’) Teaching will have completely disappeared from the universe, when the word God would not ring any bell in any person. The Buddhas have a secret eschatology where one is succeeded by another, to pass on the torch of Nirvana and Awakening to the beings whose karma has previously prepared them for that occasion.

Ariya Metteya will attain his (or her) Awakening in the best conditions and all aspects of his career as a Buddha will rank among the highest achievements of the Buddhas of the past. We are living at a time when it has become less common for people to attain Awakening hence I wouldn’t resist a natural desire to witness such an occasion of a person who understands all the means by which any being can attain to the Deathless – Final Liberation. Though, am well aware that it takes more than just a wish if a person is to meet a Buddha and attain because enlightenment is more of an individual effort. This outlines the importance of meditation practices of virtue, concentration and wisdom.  Such a person does not appear to teach every Dick, Tom and Harry but a selected few. 

The gift of the Teaching of the Ultimate Truth surpasses all other gifts and it is for this reason that we should not always become so involved in material considerations that we neglect the most important gift of all. The secret in gaining such a full awakening is the least known bodhisattva path where such persons Awaken through their own efforts and automatically come to teach Awakening to others whose path has adequately prepared them for that. It is important for true seekers of truth to develop the ten perfections and advance as far as possible in the practice of wisdom whenever possible. Otherwise, it becomes easier for someone who fails to practice wisdom to go down the lower planes of existence, a fact rarely spoken of anywhere in the world that the ego mind dominates. Nevertheless, I do not endeavor to place the ego mind in bad light for it’s a beautiful gift bestowed upon us by Existence itself.

An unconquered one is a great person among others for the preparation of achieving this state of being a Supreme Awakened One definitely takes longer than the preparation to attain awakening as a disciple of a Guru. As such the individual develops the ten perfections of Wisdom and Self-Realization longer and to a higher degree. By thus doing, the individual achieves the three levels of enlightenment by:

I. Rejoicing in other people’s merits

II. Encouraging  other people to practice Wisdom

III. Practicing Wisdom and Mindfulness themselves

Acquiring merit and knowledge on the first level leads to life in happy states; on the second level, it leads to attaining Nirvana (or full Enlightenment) oneself; and on the third level it leads to AIDING OTHERS to attain both of these types of happiness. The Unconquered One does not transgress virtue on account of these three because his or her resolution is unshakable even these three are eliminated for, he/she maintains LOVING-KINDNESS towards others even though they interfere with these three. He/she perfects equanimity by remaining neutral WHETHER OTHERS ARE HELPFUL OR HARMFUL to any of these three. 

There are three types of such individuals:

I. Those in whom wisdom is predominant

II. Those in whom faith is predominant

III. Those in whom energy is predominant

These three attributes are determined to a large extent by the QUALITY of energy they put forth or the DEGREE to which they develop the mental factors that bring EMANCIPATION to maturity. Hence faith is deeply embedded pillar that, together with modesty, form paths that lead to Complete Awakening.

Such characters do not (and can’t) belong to any doctrine for they have attained that which universal or cosmic in Nature. Their Teaching and Wisdom is far-reaching in its inclusiveness and global in its implications.

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