​Raised As a Prophet

There are individuals whose life and destiny is usually peculiar in that their predestined mission here on Earth is usually of a certain significant from the mean, as a statistician would express this fact in mathematical terms. However the individual in question might live part or entire of his life oblivious of this essential truth. History is rich of such characters.

Usually when we enter this world we bring along victories or burdens of the past that are accumulated according to merit. These are some of the hard facts about life that no society would feel too comfortable to debate because that alone comes with so much responsibility as to one’s true purpose in this existence. Funny enough, our Inner Nature is uniquely different from one individual to the next just as no two individual can possibly have exactly similar patterns in their finger prints.

The individuals who later in their lives become prophets usually have, in the past, devoted themselves to attain enlightenment in order to teach their sermon to other ordinary human beings. Its amazing to know just as we have different finger prints we are all in different stages of spiritual development. If Charles Darwin would have lived long enough he would have come to arrive at this simple truth, sooner or later, depending on the sincerity of his research and quest to know the ultimate truth concerning the existence.

Hence, such men and women as those who later become Masters, Mystics, Gurus, Sages or Prophets usually have made a conscious decision to transcend the mundane thereby devoting themselves to greater things. This is the most misunderstood lot of human beings and throughout my writing journey I shall make it part of my endeavors to clear the mist concerning these selfless people.  As such they embark on a journey to search for spiritual essences in order to bring the essential Truth back to normal life. Unfortunately, due to the persistent moral decadence and material obsessions of the peoples where these individuals appear, they quickly become the laughing stock of many and their message sinks into oblivion as soon as they leave the physical realm. 

It is said that such characters have a hierarchy too, just as every constitution of human activity has a hierarchy. The best among them usually appear rarely but when they do, the effectiveness and results of their work are usually very great. They attempt to proclaim a righteous life wholly perfect and pure. They endeavor to preach precious laws and wisdoms and when they do, the few that understand them become totally satisfied, in spirit, as the thirsty drink sweet drops of rain from heaven.

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