The Lost Keys of the Hindu Teaching to Enlightenment

The Hindu mythology is probably one of the richest philosophies in the world about the nature of Enlightenment.  It’s also one of the oldest, with many other doctrines borrowing much from it either directly or indirectly. However, as a result of being in use for many thousands of years, and having seen the reign of many aristocrats in the remote past, the Hindu doctrine has been subject to much misunderstanding just like all the other religions that over time have lost their potent to lead men and women to the ultimate experience of Enlightenment.

Hinduist culture has witnessed a flourishing and blossoming of nine Fully Awakened men, commonly referred to as the Avataras. Among them is the Buddha, Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna et al. These are individuals who, through the effort of endless effort devoted themselves to the attainment of the highest level possible of Enlightenment not only for their own Self-Fulfilment but also for the purpose of Teaching the Way to Self-Liberation to others regardless of creed or race. Hence these Gurus are not the sole possession of the Hindu community since Complete Enlightenment is usually a cosmic integration with Oneself. It’s thus safe to propound that the Inner Teaching as taught by these Gurus is purely reserved for those individuals who have demonstrated their readiness to receive it.

I therefore stand with the Avatars not only in nailing their colors to the mast of high spiritual enlightenment, but in giving an entirely indisputable case of the nature of humanity’s spiritual sleep that many endlessly suffer in, unconsciously so, life after life. The main thing to bear in mind in approaching this explanation spirituality is that every path to Self-Mastery corresponds to some particular stage of evolution in one’s consciousness. This the best explanation as to the existence of different religions and paths to the ultimate wisdom. 

In the Hindu scriptures the descriptions of the path Moksha is sometimes very brief and couched in language intentionally cryptic. This is the single reason why Hinduism has never been embraced in the West as other doctrines like Buddhism and Zen have. Yet this guidance to spiritual growth is of vital importance because it refers to spiritual attainments that should be pursued in the life of every human being for Self-Realization to occur. The problem is that the essence of the Hindu Teaching has become clouded with so much dust particles as it is always the endeavor of men and women in all religions to doctor their doctrines in so much symbolism in order to be theologically superior to others.

No single scripture can exhaust this single subject of Awakening, but it is hoped that through the synchronization of different writings herein that will shed the light on the Path to Moskha that leads to that priceless attainment – True Self-Knowledge. The Hindu Teaching is usually premised upon the concept of Master-Disciple relationship, which is a long-forgotten concept in all parts of the world. It is in this that the Hindu’s most eminent Prophets predicted such a time as today when learning the spiritual ways of life would become completely forgotten and all the peoples in the world would become given to vile practices where the way to Salvation is preached by those who are drunk (with mundane knowledge).

Therefore, in emphasizing the method of learning, the Teaching of all Hindu Avatars emphasizes that the student learn the art of reversal of ordinary conceptions of the meaning of sense experience which is a renouncing that includes recognition of man’s utter dependence on the operations of fixed and unchanging cosmic laws which we are otherwise unable to perceive for as long as we reside in the Ego State of being. This implies that there exists subtle higher cosmic laws that any reasonable person may see through a close observation of their actions and those of others, laws that human beings did not make and that he must perforce obey. A good example is birth, life and death et cetera. The emphasis of all scriptures in the world is that the better humanity obeys these immortal laws the more they should succeed in the search for God.

In all spiritual endeavors, it is an inflexible dictum that action and reaction are equal. This is the sweetness and rarity of Nature: that there shall always be compensation. This is the disciplic concept numinously referred to in all Hindu literature. The student of wisdom is supposed to understand that at the very beginning of his/her spiritual quest that it is only by devotion to the Highest that he/she can receive the Highest. Yet this is the paradox that all religions have always found themselves in – that all the enlightened founders of all paths to the ultimate enlightenment solemnly warn that none are whatsoever acceptable to the Path of Awakening who seek “other” benefits other than Pure Wisdom. 

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