​The Wisdom Fetish

Notwithstanding its enormous personal, spiritual and social importance to every individual in the world, Enlightenment is not a particularly popular subject for discussion. Even the so-called Gurus that have flooded the Social Media these days barking everywhere about spirituality, many of them are usually just like echoes that don’t in any way represent the real sound or a truly personal experience. It is human nature for, we humans to talk and mimic different ideologies. The same way a scientist will tell you everything about the galaxy and all the planets without ever having been there in person.

Moreover, any attempt to deal with the concept of Enlightenment in the space of a comparatively short title which would be comprehensible to the ordinary reader presents many difficulties. This is one aspect of Nature that any True Sage recognizes without much difficulty. The subject itself is somewhat abstruse and highly technical, and its discussion involves the use of terms and theories which often convey different meanings to different minds. 
For we are dealing with a branch of Art and Science which is not yet classified as relevant or urgent, in nature, in any modern society. This is because as soon as the men of True Enlightenment appear and disappear from the world their true message soon follows them into the oblivion and what is left for regurgitation by sentient beings is just empty skeletons. This is the reason you will find a Buddhist or Hinduist or Christian or Jainist or Zenist who despite sticking to the precepts Taught by their respective Teachers or Masters are yet unable to discover enlightenment by themselves.

 Further, the average man’s ideas of Spirituality and Enlightenment are usually based on partial knowledge, prejudice and superstition. And, funny enough, these are the most gigantic impediments to attaining Nirvana or Moksha or Enlightenment or Enlightened Consciousness.  One whose spiritual knowledge is limited to the ordinary religions and cultures which he or she has been exposed to alone, is apt to believe in the existence of some special virtue or mysterious power still lurking within their age-old traditions. Yet these traditions are usually remnants of thousands of years old of Teachings left by the pioneers in their respective traditions. All knowledge passed from generation to generations becomes obsolete with the passing of many thousands of years, however pure it was during the initial discourse.

On the other hand, the man who has been behind the scenes, has learned the True Nature of Spiritual Enlightenment, has watched its progress in effecting and eventuating ‘civilizations’, and knows its history past and present in all lands and in all civilizations, will always delight in the magnificence of this phenomena and its undiscovered purpose in any person’s life, now and in the eternal future.

In endeavoring to make the subject comprehensible to the least instructed I shall, from to time, be compelled to deal with certain parts in a manner which, to the more enlightened, may seem very elementary. The good side of such endeavors is that we are all like plenary portions of one vast and incomprehensible super-consciousness that are connected in their purpose in subtle ways.

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