​Atlantis: The Mystery of the Lost Continent

Plato, in his works – Timaeus and Critias – set out to illumine the world on the subject of the great nations that sank in the prehistoric periods of 9,000 B.C. backwards. Similar works and legends have been observed in different races from the Mayans of South America to the Chinese. Thus the million-dollar question becomes: why is the modern mind oblivious of this phenomena notwithstanding the fact that knowledge of such past existences could be of much help for the world in determining a more credible strategy for the progress in the next several thousands of years to come. Modern tradition of education has lost sight of the possibilities connected with the past human events which could otherwise aid in the furtherance of our civilization which has become dangerously centered on materialism while completely ignoring the more elegant aspects of life which, ironically, form the essence of the purpose of every human being in this world.
The answer to the aforementioned question is very simple. The world has progressed immensely for the past 9,000 years and now we view the people who existed in the distant past with a scorn for they didn’t have the technology that we enjoy today. Yet it is from their initialization of the sciences that the succeeding generations made further progress to arrive to the state-of-the-art education as we have to-day. But again ignoring the wisdom and knowledge and the experiences of these remote-past races will come at a price because we continue to repeat, as a civilization, and duplicate the same mistakes as they committed. Basically, human life is usually very short compared to the Cosmos which has always been in existence and watches, in awe and utter patience, the extent of human stupidity.

World history is the most degraded subject in the modern world. True history is scornfully derided and denied even in the most prominent universities. The decadence of education means the institutions of learning no longer have the capability to produce supremely enlightened men and women. I have been in the university and I have observed in person that even the most educated individuals, if drawn out of their fields of specialization, are as utterly as ignorant as the ordinary man in the street. To what extent can we still put a correlation factor of the future progress of civilizations and the education we offer and pass to the future generations?

The destruction of Atlantis happened in a series of catastrophes that varied in strength which eventuated the disappearance of whole territories and also perished populations. Initially all of the Atlantis continent sunk with the exception of the island Poseidonis, which was submerged later in about 9,500 B.C. There exists a lot of corroborative evidence for these mega-catastrophes which range from the existence of plants and animals across different continent; the similarity of religious beliefs among different continents; and the testimony of ancient writers from early race traditions on the archaic flood legends. All the above are as at the period the Spanish and other Europeans invaded Americas. There was very much similarity of the Mayan language and the Greek tongue which in turn borrowed much from the Sanskrit language. This was a pattern can be established for, human beings have always been interdependent in nature since the beginninglessness of time.

Egyptians were once a colony of the Atlantis, and this is where they must have borrowed their ancient civilization which was so much coveted by other nations the likes of Greece and others. Spanish adventurers in Mexico and Peru during the Middle Ages observed that the worship methods of the Natives there had much similarity with other forms of worship in other parts of the world. These Natives exhibited worship of the cross which had a presence in all religions elsewhere, while the meaning underlying its worship was identical. The cross was a symbol for Eternal Life: Enlightenment. Similarly, there were pyramids in Mexico as there were in Egypt, which further serves as a pointer for interaction of the races at some point in the prehistoric period. Also there were many remains of cities and temples in Mexico that had semblance with those found in Egypt.

This subject of the submerged continents of Lemuria and Atlantis is a very interesting one. The best learned wise men many thousands of years ago always extensively referred, in their works, to that former existence of a great continent beyond the Atlantic Ocean that was larger than Asia, Europe and North Africa put together. Yet they lacked the modern technology as we have today. There were seven islands in the Atlantis whose inhabitants preserved the memories of a much greater island, Atlantis, which for a very long time had dominated the smaller islands.

A portion of the American continent extended further into the Atlantic Ocean whose regions were destroyed by the same forces (cataclysms) that destroyed Atlantis. The Kelts of U.K. once had a legend, passed on from the ancient generations, that a portion of their nation had once extended into the Atlantic Ocean but was destroyed.

Men and women of transcendental insight enjoy to discuss history because it is one of the pathways to Unsurpassed Wisdom and Supreme source of Enlightenment.


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