​How to Practice Mindfulness in an Office Setting

With the rapid progress of our environment many people have thought meditation to be impracticable in the modern world. This is because meditation as was taught by all the Teachers in the past, it was aided largely by the surrounding of those days where Nature was more common with minimal distraction. But in the modern day it has proven almost impossible to make any tangible progress in the practice of meditation. This has discouraged any would-be enlightened individuals in big measure, leaving such acts as those that precipitate inner peace and clarity to the vagaries of monks and the self-proclaimed professional tutors and practitioners. Meditation is the only thing that cannot be turned into a profession because by it’s very nature it cannot.

The same hypothesis applies to Yoga. All practice intended to lead to attaining that state of mind that is inconceivable to the ordinary mind is the most elusive of all other states because it can never be faked. This is the way of Nature. Nature cannot be lied to and any attempt to do so only lead to unpredictable pain or suffering. Yet all the effort aimed at meditation is evermore an attempt for the individual to reunite with their Original Self. This is the only way to attain Self-Fulfillment, regardless of one’s outer appearance – wealthy or poor, sick or healthy, happy or sorrowful. 

The easiest and the most convenient mindfulness in the modern organization is PACING BACK AND FORTH. This is to be necessitated by other events such as when you are waiting for the elevator, when you arrive for a meeting earlier than the others or at your own time. This is a most effective method to bring your consciousness to concentration because it is when you are consciously pacing that all others thoughts begin to dissolve one by one. This is also an efficient way to relieve tension. I use it sometimes when the numbers in the spreadsheets don’t add up and instantly the knack moment arrives.

However you must appreciate this as a conscious action that shouldn’t appear to be different from your other official activities. It does not matter if there are people all around you. If anything, a presence of people makes this practice more desirable and effective because in terms of enhancing quality as you can’t focus your mind on the people and at the same time you have to make your mind into an empty blue sky.

Correct meditation produces inner calm equivalent to that visible of a clear blue sky without the slightest wind or cloud blurring its beauty. You get to know that your mindfulness works when after that you are able to concentrate on the next activity with maximum attention and effectiveness. If there is no space or freedom for you to pace around, the next best option becomes to just focus on your thoughts without interfering with them. That way, they disappear one by one, revealing that desired spot of centeredness and BLISS.

3 thoughts on “​How to Practice Mindfulness in an Office Setting

  1. That is really interesting! I suppose you must first let go of being self conscious of the other people in the room if your go to method is pacing. I’ll keep this in mind next time I am stuck in doors. Thanks for the tip 😊

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  2. That is true. The meditation works as you have said. Actually, as I discovered in my experiential research with this, the people around you will become drawn to your aura if the meditation is done with totality – meditative concentration. I wish I was still working in the office. People used to admire that method.


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