​Alchemy: Analytical Skills as a Prerequisite for Nirvana

Ever since I reached the peak of my consciousness I have embarked on a never-ending quest to determine why despite all the freedom in the world billions of people fail to seek for a sign to seek a greater meaning for their lives than they already have. Wisdom dictates that hell is the equivalent of contentment with the little knowledge one might have and clinging to it with boundless effort. What are the possible reasons as to why many prefer to cling to the bronze while limitless gold is available to them for free if only they developed a little more brevity of Soul?
Nirvana is the greatest of all mysteries in the world. Yet it is the destiny of all efforts of human beings whether they be aware of it or not. We do not get to decide when or where we are born but our karma determines that for us. All the achievements we make in our lives are forever forgotten as soon as we die and given a chance to live again, we have to start all over again from scratch. 

Therefore, to attain Nirvana is not as easy as it sounds because it results from an accumulation of endless effort. This is the greatest fallacy of meditation. All efforts we make must be directed towards unlocking this immense potential that for many goes undiscovered all their lives. This necessitates the use of analytical skills just as advocated for by the academic disciplines. I shall touch on some of the analytical qualities that can be useful in this Quest.

Energy and the ability to energize others is the most important aspect of a seeker. Combined with decisiveness and the ability to execute one’s own plans, this becomes the sole determinant of how far one can go in the quest for Self-Realization. When such right conditions are cultivated a Guide can appear just for the sole purpose of providing you with the opportunity to test yourself for, without testing it’s hard to know if what you are seeing is the Ultimate Reality or mere illusions projected by your carnal mind.

Hence, this journey requires a subtle blend of attitudes and analytical traits aforesaid plus a sense of humor, a sense of mission and confidence. One has to become externally focused with clarity of thought, develop great imagination. We human beings should have long learned that it is our demand for Wakefulness rather than supply thereof, which sets limit true spiritual growth and activity. 

Over time proper effort gravitates toward our intrinsic reality, which is Enlightenment of the highest order. Such determination is what lets you get a sense of mastery; and this is where passion actually comes from. This way you can excel at anything you lay your mind upon.

This is the essence of Alchemy – transmuting base metal into gold.

9 thoughts on “​Alchemy: Analytical Skills as a Prerequisite for Nirvana

  1. “it is our demand for Wakefulness rather than supply thereof, which sets limit true spiritual growth and activity” is the standout point for me here.
    Why is “energy and the ability to energize others” the most important aspect of a seeker?
    When you say “this is the greatest fallacy of meditation” it’s not entirely clear which of the surrounding statements this refers to.
    What is meant by “one has to become externally focused”? Why external and not internal?
    My understanding of karma runs counter to your statement that we “start all over again from scratch”.
    Bullet points would perhaps aid the structure of this piece and its ability to get a message across, Phil.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  2. Thanks venerable friend. I deliberately try my best not to use bullets for reasons I can explain later.

    Energy and the ability to energize others:
    This hints at the fact that Nirvana is not to be attained in “seclusion”, one must deliberately expose themselves to ” disguised” interaction with others. This means meditation is incomplete if one just locks themselves up in a room and totally ignores the raw experience that comes when one learns by interacting directly with other people, preferably those who know nothing of Nirvana. This way they act as mirrors to show you the fatality of “spiritual sleep” in others as is the case with one. Without the subject of Nirvana or meditation coming up in such settings, you become automatically energized to strive on while positively impacting on the karma of those whose paths cross yours.

    That concept is the same as using a single candle to light a thousand others. The initial light of the one candle does not diminish but, rather, gets the intensity of its own illumination boosted in quantum leaps.

    Let me answer the other QN later after work.

    Kind regards,

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  3. The point about being externally focused is an expression for using skills from elsewhere to fortify your own. This marks the realization that Self Knowledge does not exist in isolation hence should be synthesized with others for maximum effect.


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