​Enter the Aquarian Age

We are the lucky generation that is witnessing the end of a cosmic cycle and the advent of a new one. However such changes of progress usually pass without reckoning of the many who are in existence at such opportune moments because as it has always been the case with all humans everywhere, they are too involved in their worldly accomplishments that they miss out on the bigger picture, which is what matters in the long run. 

The world is coming from a Dark Age that has lasted for about 3,000 years. Every once in such a long period the cosmos experience some sort of growth and maturation just in the same way we human beings grow in size and in consciousness. Ironically, the universe we live in is not much different from us for we are created of the same atoms that constitute the universe itself. Hence the question of duality does not arise.
In the past there has been an iron curtain in every culture which made it impossible to be able to learn the cultural and spiritual progress of other peoples. One proof of this concept am Teaching is the monetary concept which has become universal in nature following the floatation of all currencies. This was the first great step in harmonizing all the financial systems in the world so that common economic principles are followed everywhere. In the same spirit other concepts will slowly by slowly get to float and the best knowledge and spirituality will find place in the hearts of the genuine seekers, having removed the barriers of information, culture and distance that foments the illusion of separation.

Our cultures have caused many to have stunted spiritual growth. This means what we already know prevents us from learning what we don’t know. Worse, it’s hard to recognize that we don’t know something; even when we encounter the Truth we still cling to our mundane knowledge for the purpose of feeling safety. 

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