​The Concept of the Unteachable

Teaching Enlightenment is like attempting to milk a bull. This an awareness I have keenly observed among all the Teachers of the past. This is the single most viable reason why though such Masters reached the highest peaks of consciousness, they could only manage to pass on so little knowledge on how wisdom is to be acquired. This insight is an important as to why the persons who endlessly cling onto scripture and books about various Teachings can only attain as much as an insignificant fraction of what is left of such writings. This is a challenge that cuts across all doctrines and philosophies.

There are two types of growth of a person. There is the physical growth which concerns the body and material growth such as career progress and social success commonly termed Self-Actualization. Then there is “inner” growth which is solely a function of the Heart. This the middle path that many don’t realize of its existence. Even those who suspect of this existence of something higher than themselves, “themselves” being an expression for their Ego, are stranded as to what they can do with that unexploited reserve of awareness subtly hidden within themselves. Whatever awareness we experience at the basic level is usually a 10% representative sample of the Pure Awareness still unutilized deep inside of us.
Many people’s consciousness develops up until they reach the age of 16 years after which they begin to undergo what psychologists would refer to as “arrested growth”. This is where we only focus on the material aspect of life while completely abandoning the immaterial, that which is deathless within us. That which was never born and cannot die.

Basically people become unteachable not out of their own liking but because their own mind and ego are so strong a force that the question of learning does not arise. The system of education in the world today never existed several thousands of years ago. It was adopted from learning that was dominant back then in the civilized societies where “students” actively searched for the “light”. The modern system of education is so perfect in its aim to make each individual successful economically but ostensibly it has replaced true learning with mastery for presumptions. The people who can master the presumptions developed by the academicians becomes the “most learned” and is thereby rewarded the most.

The fact continues to have important consequences to this day, the yearnings of the person to achieve Wholeness are pure but he lacks the means to do so. 

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